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Washington's phony sewage war with Victoria: By David Broadland, May 2016 Puget Sound is a mess of sewage and toxic chemical discharges. Should Victoria taxpayers have to pay for Seattle’s sins? WASHINGTON STATE'S OPPORTUNISTIC WAR OF WORDS against Victoria’s science-endorsed form of sewage treatment reopened on a new front in February. Wit...
Devil's Mountain Fault: the frightening implications for Victoria: By David Broadland, March 1, 2016 Scientists recently confirmed an active seismic fault that could generate a large earthquake lies within 5 kilometres of downtown Victoria. LAST JUNE THE Geological Survey of Canada quietly released a report on a previously unexplored deformation in the bedrock b...
Option 10: our best bet to avoid sewercide?: By David Broadland, February 2016 Fisheries Act requirements for sewage treatment in Victoria could be met for less than $200 million. ARE POLITICIANS BETTER AT solving problems or creating them? After following Victoria’s billion-dollar sewage treatment issue for several years, I’ve concluded th...
We are not Prepared for Earthquakes in Greater Victoria:
A Lack of Vision in Saanich:
The Gorge Waterway - an environmental success story: I am going to start doing some Vlogging as well as posting on this blog.   Here is my first short piece
Pick Up Sticks: The conundrums of Victoria's cycling network. Spent a couple of hours earlier this week kicking around ideas at the city's Technical Advisory Committee for another iteration of the bicycle network plan. Some didn't quite get the concept of an advisory committee - council makes decisions an...
Gone troppo. The city will likely move forward on a two-way protected bike lane along Pandora St. following recommendations from staff now before council. A few quick thoughts, again, on the failures of logic embedded in the plan. Emphasis on the preferred option focuses on costs – it’s ...
Jane’s Walk 2016: We Make The City | We Make The Tour: My Jane’s Walk this year offers something completely different. Participants will collaborate to design and lead the tour. We’ll start with a short meeting at Centennial Square, where you are invited to suggest sites to visit. We’ll pour over a map … Continue reading →
Jane’s Walk 2015 – Rediscovering the Complex Legacy of Urban Renewal in Downtown Victoria: In the course of my research on urban renewal in Victoria during the 1950s and 1960s, I discovered an outline of a walking tour of downtown Victoria organized by G.J. Greenhalgh, the City of Victoria’s Director of Community Development. The … Continue reading →
The Tragically Hip rock Victoria on first leg of Fully and Completely tour: Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip performing at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Arena on February 4th. Photo © Colin Smith, Victoria Buzz. If you’re a staunch Tragically Hip fan you’re likely to know the band’s beginnings were bar gigs in Kingston, Ontario, over 30 years ago. You’ll know the band re...

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