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How should the Victoria voter community divide funding among these blogs/websites?

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2014 Campaign spending in Central Saanich: losing candidates are in red.   Own money means the amount the candidate contributed to their campaign.   Mayor Candidate           Spent     Raised   Own Money Ryan Windsor       $9,264.68 $8,289.01  $1023.02  (1) Jack Mar             $475.04   $465.79   $455.79 Notes 1) Elizabeth May and Cathy...
Campaign spending in Colwood - Lilja Chong massively outspent everyone else: The spending for the council race in Colwood is interesting.   Lilja Chong massively outspent the competition,  She spent $12,770.96 and the all the other candidates only spent about $1,750 more than that.   Almost $12,000 of her money came from one person, former Colwood councilor Ernie Robertso...
Spending in the 2014 Saanich Council Election: Mayor Candidate        Raised      Spent   Own donation  Frank Leonard  $62,371.72  $62,306.14      $0.00 (1) Richard Atwell $52,838.70  $52,838.70 $21,277.39 (2) TOTAL         $115,210.42 $115,144.84 $21,277.39 Notes 1) Frank Leonard's wife donated $1,145 2) Richard Atwell received $10,000 from...
The Times Colonist's coverage of Richard Atwell: By David Broadland, February 2015 In their coverage of two stories, was the local daily concocting a case for an overturn of November’s election in Saanich? Bill Cleverley, municipal affairs reporter for the Times Colonist, described his “favourite news story of 2014” in a December 20 piece calle...
The Tragically Hip rock Victoria on first leg of Fully and Completely tour: Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip performing at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Arena on February 4th. Photo © Colin Smith, Victoria Buzz. If you’re a staunch Tragically Hip fan you’re likely to know the band’s beginnings were bar gigs in Kingston, Ontario, over 30 years ago. You’ll know the band re...
Solutions, not symbols We should be designing bike facilities to make it safer, more comfortable and more convenient for more people to choose cycling for some of their daily trips.  The obsession with a two way cycle track design for Pandora, unfortunately, is more about making a statement th...
Old news in no news . .  Candidates continue to talk about "forced" increases in the budget for the Johnson St. Bridge.  Like other "new" information, the facts present a rather different picture, and one that has been available readily enough in the public realm. For most of the term of the...
The City Walks – In the Shadow of Mega-Events: Protests, Policing and the Military in Victoria: You are invited to participate in a discussion based walking tour on the policing of mega-events and police-military connections in Victoria. In partnership with The City Talks, this walk will take up some of the themes in Adam Molnar’s lecture, In … Continue reading →

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