Below is info on past Vancouver VoterMedia competitions. Here's the current (beta release) ballot.

Vancouver Election Blog Award Totals

The table below shows total awards since the contest began in May 2008, through the latest update November 17, 2008.

$360 of this was waived, in her previous blog City States
[ $120 ]
Waived awards.
No response; not yet paid.

For media/blogs who waived awards, the table shows the totals they would have won. They waived for various reasons, such as not needing the funds because of having a professional salary.

Details of past votes here.

This is a test implementation of voter-funded media on Vancouver municipal issues, with emphasis on the November 2008 election. Unlike the competitions we've sponsored at UBC, this project is independent of the city government.

Please vote occasionally, up to once a week. We usually tally votes and update rankings on Monday afternoon/evening. Awards total $300/week.

Design of the voting system has been evolving through time -- see past updates and the VoterMedia blog, where you can comment and suggest new blogs to add.

We hope the city of Vancouver will one day fund a competition like this, with a secure login for each voter.



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