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Remarks by Ralph Nader on Senators’ Calls for Al Franken’s Resignation: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 6, 2017 Remarks by Ralph Nader Many Democratic Senators have demanded that Senator Al Franken resign immediately from the US Senate over accusations by six women that Senator Franken made unwanted advances and engaged in sexual … Continue reading →
The Republicans’ Devious Tax Attack on the People: By Ralph Nader December 6, 2017 Have the Republican greed-hound toadies gone too far? How much are the American people going to take before they replace the reckless Republicans in the next election? Low and middle-income Americans are bracing for … Continue reading →
Nader Calls Out Pelosi for Double Standard: Pelosi Called on Conyers to Resign But Not Trump?: For Immediate Release December 6, 2017   For more information contact: Ralph Nader 202-387-8030   Last week, Nancy Pelosi called on Congressman John Conyers to resign from office after allegations of sexual harassment were reported in the media.   But … Continue reading →
Video: Trump’s Criticism of FBI: In this week’s fact-checking segment, CNN’s Jake Tapper looks at President Donald Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton “lied many times to the FBI and nothing happened to her” — suggesting Clinton was treated differently than his former national security adviser Michael Flynn. As we wrote, then-FBI...
FBI, GOP Tax Plans, Economic Growth: The post FBI, GOP Tax Plans, Economic Growth appeared first on FactCheck.org.
Sunday Toons of the Soulless Moment: * * * Perry Dorrell blogs as PDiddie at Brains and Eggs, usually on topics concerning the strange brew of Texas politics. He's also on Twitter @PDiddie.
Former CO GOP Chair Guilty of Voter Fraud and Other Ironies and Outrages: 'BradCast' 12/8/2017: Among the stories covered on today's BradCast...with no small amount of gusto and an occasional comedic turn in an otherwise dark (and smokey) world... Devastating wildfires spread down the Southern California coast toward San Diego, in a record wildfire season that has lasted all the way into w...
Behind Closed Doors, U.S. Military Said Sgt. La David Johnson Survived Initial Ambush in Niger: What did officials at U.S. Africa Command know about the fate of Sgt. La David Johnson, and when did they know it? On October 4, U.S. Special Forces soldiers, operating alongside local troops, were ambushed by Islamist militants in the West African nation of Niger. The next day, AFRICOM announced...
“They’re Taking Everybody” — Videos Show Texas Troopers Ripping Apart Immigrant Families During Traffic Stops: Video by Maisie Crow and Lauren Feeney In Texas, state troopers have become frontline enforcers of federal immigration laws. In recent years, and especially since Donald Trump was elected president, the Texas Highway Patrol, part of the state’s Department of Public Safety, or DPS, has developed a...
Trump's Consumer Victory Officially Makes a Joke of Financial Reform: Earlier this year, when researching a story on Donald Trump's executive appointments, I talked to current and former Hill staffers about Mick Mulvaney. The humorless debt truther from South Carolina was the man His Orangeness wanted to put in charge of the Office of Management and
New Drone Strikes Underscore, Again, How Much Power We Give Trump: While all of us were preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, the United States was busy preparing an attack on the Yemeni province of Badhya.Residents later reported that the region spent much of the day under attack from Saudi jets and American drones, which hovered overhead and intermittently fired ...
Interests, Ideology And Climate – NYTimes.com – Paul Krugman: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/09/opinion/krugman-interests-ideology-and-climate.html?emc=edit_th_20140609&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=26842820&_r=0
How a Big Agribusiness Firm Infiltrated the EPA and Made a Mockery of Science: Regardless of who tried to bring the toxicity truth to light, the power of corporate money and resources controlled the science and the government approvals. It remains legal today. There is a good question in the article. It asks, why the burden of proof is not on Syngenta to positively prov...
Canada Chat episode 1- Doug Musk on Canadian Politics:   I’ve decided to do a podcast about Canadian politics. Give a listen to learn more. Canada Chat Episode 1 – Doug Musk on Canadian politics The post Canada Chat episode 1- Doug Musk on Canadian Politics appeared first on J.J. McCullough.
The Troubling State of Canadian Politics in Late 2017: a dialogue: Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau This is the fifth in a series of dialogues on Canadian politics between me, J.J. McCullough, resident of Coquitlam, B.C., and my friend Doug Musk, resident of Beamsville, Ontario. Check out our previous dialogues on the state o...

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