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New Sports Expose: Changes Needed In All Directions: Make no mistake about it, sports are important. That’s true if for no other reason than the fact that sports absorb billions of hours of people’s time – at all ages.   Whatever you think about sports, they’re clearly important for … Continue reading →
Follow-up Letter to Jeff Smisek, CEO of United Airlines: February 24, 2015 Jeff Smisek, CEO United Airlines, Inc. PO Box 06649 Chicago, IL 60606-0649 Dear Mr. Smisek, I have not yet heard from you regarding my letter of February 13, 2015, but your employees who have read it are … Continue reading →
For Immediate Release: Statement by Ralph Nader on the Walmart Announcement Raising its Minimum Wage: February 20, 2015 Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Statement by Ralph Nader on the Walmart Announcement Raising its Minimum Wage After meetings with Walmart representatives, public letters to the company’s CEO, and picketing Walmart stores over the past several years … Continue reading →
Prosecutor Says Tsarnaev was “Holy Warrior”: In the opening statements of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial, prosecutors described Tsarnaev as a “holy warrior” whose actions were motivated by a desire to die as a martyr and reach “paradise.” U.S. Attorney William Weinreb, in statements made Wednesday, said that Tsarnaev had been driven both by a de...
Feds: Ferguson Preys Viciously on Black Residents: Police in Ferguson, Missouri have presided over a predatory system of entrenched racism, economic exploitation and constitutional rights violations stretching back several years, according to a long-awaited Department of Justice investigation released Wednesday. The scathing 102-page report paint...
Top Lobbyist: 2016 To Be “Bumper Year” Thanks to Clinton Campaign: Each year, UBS — the Swiss financial services giant best known in the U.S. for paying $1.5 billion to settle charges it rigged the Libor benchmark interest rate — hosts a “Global Media & Communications Conference.” 2014’s conference took place last December at the Westin Hotel in midtown Manh...
'Green News Report' - March 5, 2015:   IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Gag order lifted in criminal trial of Massey Energy coal boss Don Blankenship; Sea levels rose 5 inches in 2 years in the Northeast; Oil drillers illegally dumping toxic wastewater in California; Air pollution standards cut rates of childhood asthma in half; PLUS:...
Gag Order Lifted in Criminal Case Against 'Dark Lord of Coal Country' Don Blankenship: A federal appeals court has lifted the gag order that had been imposed by a lower court in the criminal trial of West Virginia coal baron Don Blankenship. The appellate court's unsigned order [PDF] on Thursday was issued in response to a suit filed by a number of media outlets, including AP, the...
Perry Misses Point on Texas CO2 Cuts: Rick Perry said carbon dioxide emissions in Texas were down because of “incentive-based regulation” during his time as governor. But the evidence shows a decline in manufacturing jobs and federal energy policies — not the state’s — are more likely to be the cause of the reduction. Perry pointed ...
Netanyahu Takes Kerry Out of Context: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s highly anticipated speech to Congress contained a curious statement. He claimed Secretary of State John Kerry “confirmed last week that Iran could legitimately possess” 190,000 centrifuges enriching uranium by the end of a long-term nuclear agreement th...
Scott Walker, God's Gift to the Democratic Party: Beltway Democrats may not deserve good luck, but it looks like they could have plenty in the next presidential race. Heading into the weekend, Scott Walker, a man born to be slaughtered in a general election, is suddenly leading the Republican pack in the Iowa polls. Walker is surging thanks to...
Rudy Giuliani, American Soviet: Rudy Giuliani is giving me Soviet flashbacks. With his bizarre foot-in-mouth rants about how Barack Obama doesn't love "America" the way "we" do, Rudy — and other "They hate us!" exceptionalist 'Muricans like Eric Erickson and Steve Forbes — are starting to remind me of the frightened, denial-si...
Interests, Ideology And Climate – NYTimes.com – Paul Krugman: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/09/opinion/krugman-interests-ideology-and-climate.html?emc=edit_th_20140609&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=26842820&_r=0
How a Big Agribusiness Firm Infiltrated the EPA and Made a Mockery of Science: Regardless of who tried to bring the toxicity truth to light, the power of corporate money and resources controlled the science and the government approvals. It remains legal today. There is a good question in the article. It asks, why the burden of proof is not on Syngenta to positively prov...
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