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Obama‚??s State of the Union‚??Swings and Misses: The President‚??s State of the Union Addresses are rarely focused. They are written by numerous speechwriters and put through many drafts, each reflecting the urgings by interested parties to have their issues mentioned. Often, this makes the speech sound like ‚?¶ Continue reading ‚??
Credit Suisse: Big Crimes Become Big Business: In May of 2014, financial firm Credit Suisse AG pled guilty to serious criminal charges. The giant bank aided and assisted approximately 22,000 wealthy U.S. taxpayers (whose names Credit Suisse AG escaped having to send to the Justice Department for ‚?¶ Continue reading ‚??
How Birth Year Legacies Can Better Our Country: It is a new year and I‚??d like to propose a new American tradition: making Birth Year legacy gifts to lift our country‚??s future. Many Americans born in the same year ‚?? say from 1924 to 1944 ‚?? could form ‚?¶ Continue reading ‚??
A Year After Reform Push, NSA Still Collects Bulk Domestic Data, Still Lacks Way to Assess Value: The presidential advisory board on privacy that recommended a slew of domestic surveillance reforms in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations reported today that many of its suggestions have been agreed to ‚??in principle‚?Ě by the Obama administration, but in practice, very little has change...
Professor Fired for¬†Criticizing Israel Files Lawsuit Against University of Illinois: Steven Salaita, an academic whose contract for tenured¬†professorship¬†was abruptly¬†terminated by the University of Illinois board of trustees last September for tweets critical of Israel, has filed¬†a lawsuit against the university‚??s administrators and unnamed¬†donors. Salaita‚??s attorneys¬†...
House of Cards: A DC Real Estate Column: In October of 2014, former Democratic Senator Majority Leader Tom Daschle and his wife sold their seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom house on Foxhall Road for $3.25 million. It was not an unusually large haul for a member of Washington‚??s political elite, but it was a big step up from his financial c...
'Green News Report' - January 29, 2015:   IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: U.S. pipelines now rupturing faster than we can keep track of them; So, U.S. Senate passes Keystone XL bill with the help of Dems; Obama's trip to India a boost for US nuclear industry; IMF calls for an end to fossil fuel subsidies; PLUS: Some good news: fracking ...
2-Vote Margin, 15 Rejected Legit Ballots, 1 Notorious Election Official: KPFK 'BradCast': If you were looking for a fresh reminder as to why Vote-by-Mail is a terrible idea, why provisional ballots are not the same as actually casting a vote, and why there needs to be more accountability for and oversight of election officials, today's BradCast on KPFK/Pacifica Radio should fit the bi...
Biden‚??s Twist on U.S. Economy: Biden twisted international data on economic growth when he said the U.S. is ‚??the only country in the world expected to continue to grow.‚?Ě India, China and several Asian nations are expected to grow much faster than the U.S., just not as fast as they have in past years. Overall, the U.S. gros...
Distorting Climate Change Threats, Solutions: Two potential Republican candidates for president distorted the facts about climate change and casually dismissed well-established threats and potential solutions: Rick Santorum falsely claimed that U.S. policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions ‚??will have zero impact‚?Ě on climate c...
While Deflategate and Chaitgate Rage, America Quietly Robs Its Elderly: Remember the Matthew McConaughy scene in Wolf of Wall Street? The one where the Lincoln man is doing that weird pound-the-sternum chant and blasting coke and martinis over lunch while he gives Leo de Caprio his famous "Fuck the client!" speech? That's the scene where Leo's whacked-out boss tal...
The Winner of the Translate-a-Friedman T-Shirt Contest: Last week, while I was busy becoming the winner of the Fox News "Gay Arabic Atheistic Terrorist-Sympathizing Libtard-Who-Should-Be-Shot of the Week" Award for my review of American Sniper, the very witty British journalist Felix Salmon was doing some excellent play-by-play coverage of the World O...
What I Saw in Ferguson: What I Saw in Ferguson.
The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control | Antony Loewenstein | Comment is free | theguardian.com: The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control | Antony Loewenstein | Comment is free | theguardian.com.
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