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NBA Offseason Roundup: Finding Homes for Available Stars: As the 2018-19 NBA season comes to a close, basketball fans across the country have begun looking forward to next season. Many of these speculations hinge upon free agency signings. In recent history, NBA free agency has become increasingly more compelling for fans, to the point where many argue...
Remembering the Catalytic Stonewall Riots this Pride Month: We are right in the middle of June, Pride Month, which means rainbow flags and the nation-wide Pride Parade at the end of the month. At this time each year, millions of people march across the United States to express their identities, celebrate how far we’ve come, and remind the nation that the...
Authentic Eagles: Matthew Barad on Misbehavior: This story first appeared in The Gavel's Spring 2019 print magazine. As Boston College students, it can be tempting to hide our true selves. Embracing our individuality can help us to understand ourselves and experience the world around us as genuinely as possible. Authentic Eagles is a serie...
Three Incoming BC Freshman Selected in First Round of NHL Draft: The Eagles became just the fifth program in college hockey history to have three players selected in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft with Matthew Boldy, Spencer Knight, and Alex Newhook were chosen. [...] The post Three Incoming BC Freshman Selected in First Round of NHL Draft appeared fir...
After Going Undrafted, Bowman Signs One-Year Deal With Golden State Warriors: Ky Bowman reportedly could have been drafted in the second round on Thursday night, but didn't want to commit to a two-way contract. [...] The post After Going Undrafted, Bowman Signs One-Year Deal With Golden State Warriors appeared first on The Heights.
State Legislators Considering Codifying Legal Abortion in Massachusetts: If passed, the bill would make abortion legal in Mass. regardless of whether or not the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision is overturned in the coming years. [...] The post State Legislators Considering Codifying Legal Abortion in Massachusetts appeared first on The Heights.
Top 5 Places to Shop for Swimwear: With finals coming to a close and the weather finally warming up, it means summer is around the corner! Like most people, every time there...Shannon Brink
This Year's Summer Playlist: Summer is fast approaching! Even though I’m still struggling through finals, I’m super pumped for summer. I’ve already started prepping by...Rachel Bheecham
Summer Shoe Trends: Looking to freshen up your wardrobe before summer? Here are the top shoe trends to look out for in Summer 2019! Naked Sandal Naked sandals...Fallon Stewart

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