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Brazil’s Corruption Crisis: You couldn’t make this stuff up. Next Sunday, President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil faces an impeachment vote in the lower house of Congress. The charge? That she manipulated government accounts to make the deficit look smaller than it really was before the last election. But that’s ridi...
Migrants, Euro, Brexit: The EU at Risk: A recent headline on the leading Franch newspaper Le Monde said it all: “Migrants, the Euro, Brexit: The European Union is mortal.” And it’s true, the EU could actually collapse, given one or two more years of really bad decisions by the 28 national governments that make up the membership. ...
VIDEO: Solar Power Fuels an Economic Revival in an Unlikely Place: A women’s farming cooperative in rural Senegal is reaping the benefits of a new solar power installation. What’s left unsaid in this video is that one of the funders of this new solar power system was the Global Environment Facility, is poised to receive a big boost thanks to the new Paris Clima...
China Passes Controversial New NGO Ban: China passed a controversial new law Thursday giving police wide-ranging powers over overseas charities and banning them from recruiting members or raising funds in the country, prompting an immediate outcry. At least 1,000 foreign NGOs are thought to operate in China, including development chari...
Ireland agrees new minority government after inconclusive election result two months ago: Fine Gael and Fianna Fail reached an agreement on Friday evening that will lead to a coalition
Donald Trump's California tour rocked by new protests: The Republican front-runner is in San Francisco to address the California GOP Convention
Chicago granny faces 6 year mandatory sentence for kicking officer in shin: After kicking a deputy in the shin during a scuffle at her son’s trial, a Chicago woman is facing a trial of her own. Due to mandatory minimum sentencing laws, she may end up behind bars for at least six years and lose her social benefits. Read Full Article at RT.com
'Robot Rubio' brigade says they were roughed up by Rubio campaign staff: Demonstrators associated with progressive organizations dressed as robots and mocking presidential candidate Marco Rubio's recent debate performance, were not well received by the candidate's supporters and – allegedly – his staff in New Hampshire. Read Full Article at RT.com
Evangelicals: We Don't Have All the Answers: In the early 1990s, the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family raised the ire of LGBT groups by backing Colorado’s Amendment 2, a measure — ultimately struck down by the Supreme Court — that would have allowed local governments to discriminate against gays. A quarter-century later, tha...
Sioux Tribe to Meet With Officials Over Pipeline Plan: A controversial plan for an oil pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois is being met with opposition from the Standing Rock Sioux, reports the Des Moines Register. Members of the tribe expect to meet with a federal employee to express their concerns. 
Will Clinton Blaze Her Own Trail?: A former first lady, senator, and secretary of state, Hilary Clinton is easily the most experienced candidate on foreign policy.  Also, as Obama’s first secretary of state, Clinton has positioned herself as continuing what she sees as his foreign policy successes, for which she also claims some c...
What has the US done to Cuba now?: President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba reflects a new way of formulating and implementing U.S. policy toward Cuba. This new policy is different not only from the sanctions that had been the long-standing U.S. policy toward Cuba but also from the policies suggested by the leading U.S. presidential...
Contradictory Measures Towards Female Genital Cutting Eradication in Nigeria: On 5 May 2015, Nigeria took an important step towards ending the physically and psychologically harmful practice of female genital cutting (FGC) by passing a law prohibiting the procedure. While enacting the law that bans the practice is an important step towards supporting the reproductive and h...
The Rise of the Clean Energy Job: From Boom & Bust to Stability: On April 17th, oil producing nations including Russia and Saudi Arabia are scheduled to meet in Doha to discuss curbing production and resolving global oversupply. Hopes that such a resolution will be reached, however, have been all but dashed following recent comments from Saudi Arabia’s deputy ...
Action on climate change is cheaper than inaction: Many are afraid that tackling climate change is going to be too costly. But increasingly, studies are showing action will not just be cheaper than inaction, but could actually result in economic, environmental and even health benefits, while improving sustainability. This new page...

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