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Ukraine: A Game of Chicken: It is quite possible for soldiers to cross a frontier “by accident on an unmarked section,” and that is how Moscow explains the capture of a group of Russian paratroopers on Ukrainian territory last weekend. Poor lambs, they just wandered across the border by mistake. When they get home, they’ll ...
Mare Nostrum: The last time “Mare Nostrum”(Latin for “Our Sea”) was used as a political slogan in Italy, Mussolini’s fascists were claiming dominance over the entire Mediterranean. This time it’s different. It’s the name of the operation the Italian navy is running to save asylum seekers from drowning on the d...
The United States of Tatooine: “Tatooine” is, you will surely agree, a pretty stupid name for a planet, but there are so many Star Wars fans that some unfortunate world is bound to end up being called exactly that. Let’s just hope that its inhabitants, if there are any, never find out. On the whole, though, giving more user-fr...
Will Women’s Rights Earn its Place at UNGA?: The 69th session of the UN General Assembly is officially open. One key issue that will be discussed over the next two weeks is what will replace the Millennium Development Goals once they expire next year. In UN Circles, this is called the “Post 2015 Development Agenda.” One aspect of that agend...
This is a Huge Turning Point in the Fight Against Ebola: Ebola is spiraling out of control. According to the latest figures of the World Health Organization there have been 5,335 cases and 2,622 deaths from the virus. And that figure is increasing exponentially. To be precise: it’s been doubling every three weeks.   The response to date has been poor. ...
Photographer ‘horrified’ after claims Britain First used picture of first Afghan policewoman killed by Taliban for ‘ban the burka’ campaign: A photographer has described her horror after being alerted to a picture she said she took of Afghanistan’s first female police officer being used to promote banning the burka by Britain First.
French farmers torch tax offices and dump unsold vegetables on streets in protest over falling living standards: A group of farmers have torched tax and insurance officers in Brittany during a protest about declining living standards, French media has reported.
wikileaks: Spooky reading after #Snowden: Julian #Assange's call to take up arms against the surveillance state | Cypherpunks http://t.co/BpUQi2nzgG: wikileaks: Spooky reading after #Snowden: Julian #Assange's call to take up arms against the surveillance state | Cypherpunks http://t.co/BpUQi2nzgG
wikileaks: anti-WikiLeaks movie 'We Steal Secrets' flops at box office | Indiewire http://t.co/dFQn6wXlMN: wikileaks: anti-WikiLeaks movie 'We Steal Secrets' flops at box office | Indiewire http://t.co/dFQn6wXlMN
The Fight to Survive: Russia's opposition got crushed in last weekend's local elections. But that didn't exactly come as a surprise.
WDotW: Actually, No, There Are No Military Dogs Left Behind:
Weekly Wrap 9.19.14: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week: 1. In Record Turnout, Demographics Shape Scotland's Emphatic No VoteNational Geographic has a recap (and stunning photos) of yesterday's vote: "Tomorrow a new campaign—for reconciliation—will begin. The referendum opened up deep, sometimes venomous, class and regional divisions."2. WATCH: It’s On...
Spiritual But Still a Bit Religious: The U2 Church: If you’ve been reading our blog or have checked your iTunes last week you’ve noticed the power couple of Steve Jobs’ ghost and Bono working together again. (Anyone rememberthe U2 iPod?) I’ll leave it up to music critics to debate the musical quality of the album and the potential violation of the...
Who owns your DNA?: In 1975, Herbert Boyer from the University of California, San Francisco persuaded a savvy venture capitalist, Robert Swanson, to back his idea of producing pure human hormones, like insulin, using the invention that he and his colleague, Stanley Cohen, had developed. Their invention enabled the b...
Central African Republic: Should the World Pay Attention?: Since December 2013, an estimated 5,200 persons have died, according to an Associated Press count. At least 398,000 Central Africans are refugees in neighboring countries, and another 528,000 are internally displaced. Death tolls are undoubtedly higher, as no one knows what has happened in remote...
Battleground Surrey: Political will and reforms needed to fix problems: As Surrey approaches one of the most important elections in last few decades media, commentators and general public are highly concentrated on search for a solution of numerous problems facing city’s transformation from suburban to urban. Top of the list is reserved for issues of crime, transport...
75% of the world’s large carnivores are now in decline while rhino poaching continues to soar: A recent study has found that three quarters of the world’s big carnivores are in decline, due to declining habitats and persecution by humans. This is also having a negative impact on the environment because top predators have a crucial role in any given ecosystem which is hard to re...
Stratfor: Sitrep: None injured as bomb explodes under Italian diplomatic vehicle in #Libya http://t.co/vsmWdl8wqy: Stratfor: Sitrep: None injured as bomb explodes under Italian diplomatic vehicle in #Libya http://t.co/vsmWdl8wqy
PGI Fall 2013:
Nobel Laureate Suu Kyi Leads Burma's NDL: April 1 Burmese Vote Ploy to Lift Sanctions?On April 1, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Suu Kyi lead her party, the New League for Democracy (NLD) in its first election in over 20 years in Burma. Kyi had been under house arrest for nearly 20 years, but BBC reported she won 40 out of the 45 available ...
House Bans War Powers Resolution Actions: The U.S. House of Representatives has not just left town, but prior to leaving passed a rule preventing any member from using the War Powers Resolution to force Congress to return and vote on war. Here’s a video of Congressman…

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