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Amazing Grace: Political dynasties tend to thrive mainly in very large democratic countries where name-recognition is a huge asset: think two President Adams, two President Roosevelts, and maybe soon a third President Bush or a second President Clinton in the United States, or the string of Indian prime ministe...
Artificial Intelligence Threat: The experts run the whole gamut from A to B, and they’re practically unanimous: artificial intelligence is going to destroy human civilisation. Expert A is Elon Musk, polymath co-founder of PayPal, manufacturer of Tesla electric cars, creator of Space X, the first privately funded company to send...
“Global” Terrorism: “We will not be cowed by these sick terrorists,” said British Prime Minister David Cameron after ISIS produced a grisly video of the mass beheading of Syrian captives by foreign jihadis who allegedly included British fighters. “We will not be intimidated,” said Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Har...
Will the USA-Cuba Deal End a UN “Tradition?”: With normalization of American relations with Cuba could come the end of a longstanding tradition at the UN General Assembly. Every year since the early 1990s, the UN General Assembly has held a symbolic vote condemning the US embargo of Cuba. In UN-speak, this vote is called “Necessity of ending...
The Single Deadliest Attack in the Ignoble History of the Pakistani Taliban: The scene was gruesome. 145 school children were killed. The outpouring of support and outrage is the one bright spot of this awful attack. “During an eight-hour rampage at the Army Public School and Degree College, a team of nine Taliban gunmen stormed through the corridors and assembly hall, fi...
Peshawar school attack: As the Taliban release pictures of the gunmen responsible, Pakistan takes a new approach to terrorism: With the death toll in the Peshawar Army Public School massacre rising to 148 overnight, Pakistan turned over a new leaf in its approach to terrorism today.
Cuba-US relations: Obama ends half a century of hostility and restores ties with Havana: President Barack Obama turned a page in history last night, promising to restore diplomatic ties with Communist-led Cuba, open a US embassy in Havana and set in train measures to mend the enmity that has existed between the countries for half a century.
wikileaks: Spooky reading after #Snowden: Julian #Assange's call to take up arms against the surveillance state | Cypherpunks http://t.co/BpUQi2nzgG: wikileaks: Spooky reading after #Snowden: Julian #Assange's call to take up arms against the surveillance state | Cypherpunks http://t.co/BpUQi2nzgG
wikileaks: anti-WikiLeaks movie 'We Steal Secrets' flops at box office | Indiewire http://t.co/dFQn6wXlMN: wikileaks: anti-WikiLeaks movie 'We Steal Secrets' flops at box office | Indiewire http://t.co/dFQn6wXlMN
Hong Kong Activists Fear State Snooping: Pro-democracy protesters believe surveillance is now an unfortunate fact of life.
The Tsar Meets the Sultan:
Church of England Names Its First Woman Bishop; Libby Lane to Assume Historic Role: The Church of England announced on Dec. 17 that Libby Lane, a parish priest from Hale, a small village outside Manchester, would become its first woman bishop, ending centuries of all-male leadership in this country’s established church.The announcement from Downing Street, the prime minister’s o...
2014 in Review: An Unsettling Year, with Religion in a Starring Role: For most of recorded history, Isis was an Egyptian goddess, a benevolent type who cared for widows and orphans, cured the sick and even brought the dead back to life.This year, the world met the other ISIS.The rise of the so-called Islamic State, variously known as ISIS or ISIL, dominated headlin...
European Union Supports Terrorism, Deeply Involved in “Plot Targeting Syria”: Syria denounced yesterday’s statement made by EU foreign ministers on the situation in Syria as stressing the deep European involvement in the plot targeting Syria. The EU statement, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said, also affirms…
The Oil Coup: “John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, allegedly struck a deal with King Abdullah in September under which the Saudis would sell crude at below the prevailing market price. That would help explain why the price has been falling at…
Torture, Justice and the American Way: Zubaydah was the first prisoner cast into a black site, the prisoner for whom the infamous torture memo was written, and the only prisoner subjected to all the “enhanced” techniques. He is mentioned 1,001 times in the recent report. I am one of the few people in the world who actually know what h...
Regime Change in Burkina Faso: Implications for Sub-Saharan Africa: More than a hundred thousand protesters took to the streets of the capital, Ouagadougou, in response to Compaoré’s attempt to amend the constitution to eliminate the two-term limit on the presidential mandate. Compaoré wanted to run for a third term, and the population was fed up with his long mi...
Battleground Surrey: Political will and reforms needed to fix problems: As Surrey approaches one of the most important elections in last few decades media, commentators and general public are highly concentrated on search for a solution of numerous problems facing city’s transformation from suburban to urban. Top of the list is reserved for issues of crime, transport...
Foreign aid: shortfall since 1970 almost $5 trillion; greater than aid given: Over 40 years ago, rich country governments agreed to give 0.7% of their GNI (Gross National Income) as official aid to poor countries for development assistance. The average aid delivered each year has actually been between 0.2 to 0.4%. The shortfall has therefore accumulated to ...
Stratfor: Sitrep: None injured as bomb explodes under Italian diplomatic vehicle in #Libya http://t.co/vsmWdl8wqy: Stratfor: Sitrep: None injured as bomb explodes under Italian diplomatic vehicle in #Libya http://t.co/vsmWdl8wqy
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