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Another Bush Damaged by Iraq: He just misheard the question. A basically friendly interviewer on Fox News asked Jeb Bush, now seeking the Republican nomination for the US presidency: “Knowing what we know now, would you have authorised the invasion (of Iraq)?” And he replied: “I would have.” When the storm of protest, ev...
More Anti-Terrorism Laws: Left-wing, right-wing, it makes no difference. Almost every elected government, confronted with even the slightest “terrorist threat”, responds by attacking the civil liberties of its own citizens. And the citizens often cheer them on. Last week, the French government passed a new bill th...
Can UN Peacekeeping Adapt to a Fast Changing Global Security Landscape?: A panel of independent experts recently published an exhaustive and hotly awaited report on the future of UN Peacekeeping. The panel was lead by Jose Ramos Horta, the Nobel Laureate and former president of East Timor–a country where peacekeeping played a key role in its turbulent early ears. The...
Liberia’s Ebola Outbreak Spreads: Liberia is no longer ebola free. This just goes to show how health officials must remain exceedingly vigilant. “A second case of Ebola has been confirmed in Liberia, following the death of a teenager from the virus on Sunday, officials say. The country had been declared Ebola-free more than seven...
The extremism of David Cameron: UK Prime Minister David Cameron is not only in complete denial about his role in facilitating the rise of ISIS, but his “response” to last Friday’s attacks will facilitate it even further.Read Full Article at RT.com
​21yo woman dies in fall from Moscow bridge while taking selfie: A young Russian woman has died after a fall from the bridge where she was trying to make a memorable selfie next to the Moscow City financial district, police sources say. Her death is the latest in a rash of fatal and near-fatal selfie incidents.Read Full Article at RT.com
Who Owns Greece’s Debt: The Greek debt crisis saga continues with no resolution in sight. As expected, the European leaders rejected a last-minute proposal by Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, requesting an extension of the bailout program that expired on 30th June and…
Next Steps in the Normalization of US-Cuban Relations: Thoughts From the Cuban Five: Now that the United States and Cuba are preparing to open embassies in each other’s countries, what else needs to happen to support the process of détente between the two countries? During a recent visit to Cuba I posed this…
Greek debt crisis: Alexis Tsipras speaks to 25,000 at 'No' rally in Syntagma Square, urging voters to deny 'those who terrorise you': Syntagma Square in Athens has once again played host to a huge political rally of 25,000 people supporting a 'No' vote in Sunday's referendum.
Chris Pratt predicted he would star in 'Jurassic World' seven years ago - in 'Parks and Recreation' outtake: Chris Pratt predicted his starring role in Jurassic World seven years ago during a behind-the-scenes shoot for Parks and Recreation.
Whose Fourth of July?: The other day I was eating dinner with my wife in a restaurant in Gallup, N.M., a border town to the Navajo reservation. Gallup was recently named the "Most Patriotic Small Town" in a nationwide contest. Soon after sitting down I noticed that we were seated at a table directly facing a framed pos...
Athletic Feminism and the Women’s World Cup: Feminism and athleticism were one in the same to me. Four square matches, pick-up basketball games, and soccer scrimmages were all opportunities to prove that women were as valuable and gifted as men. Brandi Chastain with her shirt off and body flexed in uninhibited celebration was my Betty Fried...
A National Balancing Act: Security of a Country and Privacy of the Individual: In 1755, Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” The concept of security has a longer heritage than that of privacy. But the historic and linguistic roots of security lie not in the state watc...
The Cycle of Dependency: When Helping Does More Harm Than Good: Ever since colonization, the people of Uganda have become accustomed to foreigners coming in with a savior mentality, pushing initiatives that, despite good intentions, may not help the locals solve their real problems. This reliance has created a cycle of dependency that is difficult to break. B...
Action on climate change is cheaper than inaction: Many are afraid that tackling climate change is going to be too costly. But increasingly, studies are showing action will not just be cheaper than inaction, but could actually result in economic, environmental and even health benefits, while improving sustainability. This new page...
Quote of the Week: ” One must not judge everyone in the world by his qualities as a soldier: otherwise we should have no civilization.” Erwin Rommel

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