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Another Bush Damaged by Iraq: He just misheard the question. A basically friendly interviewer on Fox News asked Jeb Bush, now seeking the Republican nomination for the US presidency: “Knowing what we know now, would you have authorised the invasion (of Iraq)?” And he replied: “I would have.” When the storm of protest, ev...
More Anti-Terrorism Laws: Left-wing, right-wing, it makes no difference. Almost every elected government, confronted with even the slightest “terrorist threat”, responds by attacking the civil liberties of its own citizens. And the citizens often cheer them on. Last week, the French government passed a new bill th...
Meet a 2015er: Miroslav Polzer: “We should have local communities organize themselves and mobilize resources for their interests and the global community should provide additional funding for those local projects that are relevant to these SDGs. It’s called ‘catalytic funding.'” —  Dr. Miroslav Polzer This is the eight install...
And Now, A Cholera Outbreak: This Tanzanian town had a population of 11,000 before the Burundi crisis. Now its population has swelled to over 90,000 and diseases are taking hold.  “A cholera outbreak has killed at least 30 people in a Tanzanian refugee camp for Burundians, a World Health Organization official said Thursday, ...
US military rape victims face revenge, regret reporting crimes – lawyer: The US military’s system of prosecution has to change, as rape victims are often put in positions where they even regret coming forward, Maribel Jarzabek, ex-Air Force lawyer, said on a recent HRW survey of sexual assault survivors.Read Full Article at RT.com
GMO that kills: GM-cotton problems drive Indian farmers to suicide: Hundreds of thousands of farmers have died in India, after having been allegedly forced to grow GM cotton instead of traditional crops. The seeds are so expensive and demand so much more maintenance that farmers often go bankrupt and kill themselves.Read Full Article at RT.com
US-Supported Islamic State Terrorists Seize Palmyra: The ancient Syrian city is a UNESCO World Heritage site – one of the Middle East’s most treasured ones. UNESCO calls it one of “outstanding universal value, (an) oasis in the Syria desert” northeast of Damascus. “From the 1st to…
American Military History, A Tale of Two Generals: The Hero of Gettysburg G.K. Warren and His Nemesis Indian Genocide Killer Philip Sheridan: On this Memorial Day weekend it’s only appropriate that we look back in our history and pay tribute to our fallen warriors from the past. And in so doing, we can examine two West Point Civil War generals who were…
Poland's new president Andrzej Duda heralds shift to the right: Andrzej Duda's shock win in Poland's presidential election has capped a rapid rise from backroom obscurity to head of state, and may herald a new political chapter in eastern Europe's biggest economy.
War with Isis: Government quashes ex-Army head's call for 'troops on the ground': The Government has reacted quickly to quash any suggestion that Britain should send ground troops to fight Isis in Iraq and Syria after a former head of the Army urged ministers to “think the previously unthinkable”.
'And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy': Christine Caine gave a passionate and prophetic call for the church to be continually changing, even while at its core, it is “the same.” That constant change is driven by God’s continuing call to be sent as witnesses in the world. “We want power,” she told the spiritually hungry Pentecostals gat...
The Cheery Optimism of 'Tomorrowland': It’s both ironic and appropriate that the new Disney film Tomorrowland is being released exactly a week after Mad Max: Fury Road. The new film from director Brad Bird (The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) is the polar opposite of post-apocalyptic. It’s a film that’...
Reading, Writing and Reproduction: Danish Sex Education Includes Lessons on Fertility: It has gained global attention that sex education in Denmark will now focus on fertility as well as avoiding unwanted pregnancies. The background for this change is that 25 percent of couples wishing to have a baby do not achieve pregnancy within the first year. Sex education is critical to ensur...
Full Auto Pilot: Is it Really Necessary to Have a Human in the Cockpit?: The recent Germanwings disaster has once again reminded us that human pilots are not always failsafe. One only has to look back as far as 2012 to find examples of unruly pilots being subdued by passengers, and of course 9/11 highlighted the extremes of hijacking. With such incidents, the question...
Action on climate change is cheaper than inaction: Many are afraid that tackling climate change is going to be too costly. But increasingly, studies are showing action will not just be cheaper than inaction, but could actually result in economic, environmental and even health benefits, while improving sustainability. This new page...
Quote of the Week: ” One must not judge everyone in the world by his qualities as a soldier: otherwise we should have no civilization.” Erwin Rommel

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