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Middle Eastern Christians: Going, Going…Gone: Two high-profile incidents last week, at opposite ends of the Arab world. In northern Iraq, recently conquered by the zealots of the newly proclaimed “Islamic State”, the Christians in Mosul were given three choices: convert to Islam, pay a special tax (about $750, on this occasion), or be killed...
American Spies in Germany: The End of Trust: The question to bear in mind, when reading this whole sorry tale, is this. If Americans are, on average, no stupider than Germans, then why are their intelligence services so stupid? After the most recent revelations about American spying in Germany, there was considerable speculation among membe...
MH17 – Who Did It? What Next?: “…and once the TAR (Target Acquisition Radar) has lock-on, this light will go green. Then just push this button here, and the rest’s automatic. Good luck!  Oh, and make sure nobody’s standing behind the missile when you launch.” Maybe the crew who launched the missile that brought down Malaysian ...
WHO Ups the Ebola Ante: The head of the World Health Organization is meeting with the presidents of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in Conakry to launch a new, $100 million plan to curb the Ebola outbreak. Meanwhile, those three presidents are skipping the African Leaders Summit in DC next week to focus on the outbreak...
SG; Security Council; Middle East: SG: Last night the SG spoke at a joint press conference with the Foreign Minister of Costa Rica where he repeated his call for an unconditional and extendable humanitarian ceasefire.  Speaking about yesterday’s shelling of a UN shelter he said: “Nothing – nothing – justifies such horror” and dema...
Uganda court strikes down tough anti-homosexuality law as 'null and void': Uganda's constitutional court has struck down an anti-homosexuality law punishing gay sex with long jail sentences, on the basis that it was passed during a parliamentary session lacking a quorum.
Mystery as 'beach' appears in middle of Tunisian desert and becomes overnight tourist attraction: A mysterious lake that appeared suddenly in the Tunisian desert has created an impromptu “beach” in the drought-ridden country.
Australia’s Climate Tragedy: Australia’s repeal of its carbon laws is the culmination of some sorry chapters in Australian politics and policy, but is by no means the end of the story. The repeal represents a tragedy for our politics, a travesty for public policy, and a train wreck for climate action. But there are significa...
A Bright Future for Indonesia: The election process was phenomenally successful. Indonesians have been waiting for a leader who can effect positive change for their country, and they have put their hope in Widodo. Widodo, who won 53.15 percent of the vote, said, “This victory is a victory of all Indonesian people. I hope that ...
wikileaks: Spooky reading after #Snowden: Julian #Assange's call to take up arms against the surveillance state | Cypherpunks http://t.co/BpUQi2nzgG: wikileaks: Spooky reading after #Snowden: Julian #Assange's call to take up arms against the surveillance state | Cypherpunks http://t.co/BpUQi2nzgG
wikileaks: anti-WikiLeaks movie 'We Steal Secrets' flops at box office | Indiewire http://t.co/dFQn6wXlMN: wikileaks: anti-WikiLeaks movie 'We Steal Secrets' flops at box office | Indiewire http://t.co/dFQn6wXlMN
Kerry Meets Modi; Karzai Spokesman Says Election Results by Aug. 25; Military Mandate in Islamabad Goes Into Effect:
Soldier Captured as Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Collapses:
Faith Leaders Arrested At White House Calling For Immigration Reform: More than 100 faith leaders and immigration activists were arrested today during an act of civil disobedience outside of the White House. The activists were calling on President Barack Obama to take executive action to immediately stop deportations and to deal with crisis of unaccompanied minors ...
Testimony: The Word Demands the Renewal of Creation: This week began in song and prayer outside the Environmental Protection Agency.The government employees walking past our prayer circle definitely thought we were unusual; for Sojourners, though, publicly witnessing to our calling as Christians in care for creation is just another day on the job. ...
For New Canadian Media: Rasode Could Remake Surrey Race: With the Surrey mayoral elections still four months away, a new candidate from the South Asian community threatens to shake up the race in a city whose population growth is being fuelled by immigrants and new citizens. Although Barinder Rasode has not yet announced, her candidacy is making the ro...
Battleground Surrey: History will be made with Rasode in race for Surrey Mayor: Surrey political scene is already more heated then it is weather outside and across this great nation. Reason is of course that this year will make or break great vision in creation of metropolis of once the largest suburb in the Western Canada. These municipal elections will be historic in many ...
75% of the world’s large carnivores are now in decline while rhino poaching continues to soar: A recent study has found that three quarters of the world’s big carnivores are in decline, due to declining habitats and persecution by humans. This is also having a negative impact on the environment because top predators have a crucial role in any given ecosystem which is hard to re...
Stratfor: Sitrep: None injured as bomb explodes under Italian diplomatic vehicle in #Libya http://t.co/vsmWdl8wqy: Stratfor: Sitrep: None injured as bomb explodes under Italian diplomatic vehicle in #Libya http://t.co/vsmWdl8wqy
PGI Fall 2013:
Nobel Laureate Suu Kyi Leads Burma's NDL: April 1 Burmese Vote Ploy to Lift Sanctions?On April 1, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Suu Kyi lead her party, the New League for Democracy (NLD) in its first election in over 20 years in Burma. Kyi had been under house arrest for nearly 20 years, but BBC reported she won 40 out of the 45 available ...

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