Privacy Policy for VoterMedia.org Website

"You may have my number, you can take my name, but you'll never have my heart." -- Adele

Well, we want your heart too. That's why we protect your data with care. Our privacy policy expresses that in more detail:

VoterMedia.org is a nonprofit project, planning to soon become a democratic organization controlled by its website users. This is to ensure that the organization treats users as they want to be treated – with respect and consideration. User privacy is an important component of this broad goal.

Our current Privacy Policy is published and updated here at http://www.votermedia.org/privacy. Revisions to this policy are announced at http://votermedia.blogspot.ca/search/label/Website%20Terms.

Our Privacy Policy is developed, updated and implemented to conform with the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act. Like the Act, our Policy is organized around ten internationally recognized principles as follows:

  1. Accountability: Our Privacy Officer is Mark Latham, email mark[at]votermedia.org. While he has the primary responsibility, everyone in our project team has committed to uphold our Privacy Policy.
  2. Purposes: When (or before) we collect your personal information, we inform you why it is needed and how it will be used. If we later want to use it in other ways, we will first inform you and ask for your consent.
    • We use your email address to contact you occasionally.
    • We use your email address, IP address, and Facebook user information (if you give us access to it) to bring our vote tallying system statistically closer to the ideal of one vote per community member. Communities that sponsor their votermedia contest awards can set their vote tallying parameters as they think best.
  3. Consent: We will only collect, use or disclose your personal information with your consent (unless the law requires otherwise), which may be expressed, implied, opt-in or opt-out as is reasonable in the context. Your consent is not a condition for any of our services unless the information is required to provide that service. You may withdraw your consent at any time, in which case we would tell you the likely consequences of withdrawing consent.
  4. Limited collection: We only collect personal information that is necessary for our reasonable purposes, and we only collect it from the person it is about.
  5. Limited use, disclosure and retention: We only use or disclose your personal information for reasonable purposes that you have consented to. We only keep it as long as necessary for those purposes.
  6. Accuracy: We make reasonable efforts to ensure that your personal information is accurate and complete. We appreciate your help with this.
  7. Safeguards: We maintain reasonable protection against unauthorized access, use or disclosure of your personal information.
  8. Openness: In addition to the policy outlined here, you can ask more about our information policies, practices and purposes by sending questions to our Privacy Officer, Mark Latham, email mark[at]votermedia.org.
  9. Access: You can check and update your personal information by logging in to VoterMedia.org. If you give us access to your personal information on Facebook, then you can check and update that information by logging in to Facebook.
  10. Recourse: If you have a complaint or concern about our use of your personal information, we recommend that you take this sequence of steps as far as you consider necessary: