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  Mayor McKay, Councillors and City Staff:   I would appreciate your insights and comments on questions which were raised last night in discussions regarding the proposed Event Centre.   1.    A statement from CAO Samra seemed to indicate that the matter of the operation of the VICC with the Even...
City Hall and the Management of Our Public Real Estate: Ron Bolin: January 26, 2016 This is the story of how a property owned by the Citizens of Nanaimo and assessed at nearly $4 million dollars was sold to a private developer for $1 (one) dollar. 238 Franklyn St.: Let’s Buy the old City Hall Annex   238 Franklyn Street was constructed in 1937 and o...
The Abbotsford Arena: A Cautionary Tale: By: David Brown: January 20, 2017 The Abbotsford Centre is a 7,000-seat multi-purpose arena in Abbotsford, British Columbia. On September 25, 2006, Abbotsford council voted unanimously to hold a referendum asking voters to borrow $85-million to fund three community projects, including a new enter...
Festival Nanaimo Starts March 1: Click image to view event schedule
Nanaimo Weather Forecast Feb. 28 - Mar. 4:
Wrestling with Nanaimo Events Centre numbers; SD68 Land swap; Old City Quarter festival money woes: This week’s Monday night Council meeting was like watching the 60s wrestler Édouard Carpentier do a back flip off the ropes (see video below). The hot topic of the night was the NEC (Nanaimo Events Centre). There was a presentation by City staff and then the vote to spend an additional $500,000 o...
Nanaimo Events Centre Phase 3 and 4; Fire plan; AVICC: A Nanaimo council meeting is coming up this Monday night February 20, 2017. Hot topics of the night will be the Nanaimo Events Centre (NEC) and the Downtown Nanaimo Revitalization Fund. Other topics of interest include the Fire Plan and the land shuffle between the City and the School Board. Nana...
Termimal Nicol Re-Imagined: Over the past year we’ve had an opportunity to hear from many community members during the Terminal Nicol Re-imagined process.  Thank you to everyone who has participated so far – your input has provided valuable insights and ideas to the Project Committee for the development of the DRAFT Termina...
SECA GENERAL MEETING MINUTES Aug. 3/2016: Agenda Financial Food Forest Art in the Park Event Aug 13 Bocce in the Park Teawagon BlogOther items: Women’s Group Event Chaired by S. Larocque It is acknowledged that we meet on traditional land of the Snunymuxw First Nation FINANCIAL:General Account – $2,603.75 Picnic Account – 1,123.29 FOO...
Council Paves The Way For Another $700,000 Down The Drain!City Council voted 6-3 (Kipp, Bestwick, McKay opposed) to grant a licence of use to a new group wanting to use the old building at 25 Victoria Rd. for their theatrical pursuits. The city taxpayer will pay the group $11,350/yr as an operati...
Nanaimo Taxes Did NOT Have To Increase!: Note: Email Subscribers may have to visit Nanaimo Info Blog to view videoThe above is a video clip of my address to city council on May 12, 2014 just before they adopted the 2014 - 2018 Financial Plan which will see taxes go up a total of 16.8%.If council had elected to use the $4million surplus ...
Destination Earth: In a new book titled Destination Earth veteran traveler Nicos Hadjicostis elucidates his personal philosophy of travel developed after a round-the-world trip lasting six years and six months.
Working Remotely from Nanaimo: How have you found positive employment opportunities in Nanaimo or do you feel you may need to look elsewhere to advance your career?
Results: We’ll try to find and post the results from different polls, but for now, here are the overall results posted on the city’s website. Congratulations to all successful candidates.  
Good Information: Excellent information on this site.  The questions are well-thought out and posed to all levels of leadership: mayor, council, and school board.   It’s difficult to read….just hit the button at the bottom to increase the copy size.  But well worth the time. http://www.electyourfuture.com/  
2014 Election Expenditures: This site from elections BC has all of the Nanaimo candidate expenditures.http://contributions.electionsbc.gov.bc.ca/pcs/LESearchResults.aspx?PFN=&E=(ALL)&FTK=0&FT=(ALL)&FN=(ALL)&OK=0&O=(ALL)&JTK=0&JT=(ALL)&JK=86&J=Nanaimo&EV=(ALL)
Empire Fading?: Funding for Empire Days cut by councilhttp://www.nanaimodailynews.com/news/funding-for-empire-days-cut-by-council-1.1737512Editorial: It's time to end the debate on event namehttp://www.nanaimodailynews.com/it-s-time-to-end-the-debate-on-event-name-1.1737509As most folk know I have been a staunch...
Nanaimo City Council 2011- 2014:
The discussion continues here-- answering voters' questions: The all-candidates' meeting was a chance to hear what candidates think about four big issues....and there are many topics of concern to Nanaimo voters.That discussion continues here. We've set up two new areas on the blog for voters to pose questions and for candidates to respond to them---Voters...

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