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CODE OF CONDUCT: David Brown: August 10, 2014 This is another thought provoking post from David Brown who defines the characteristics of his ideal candidate(s) for City Council.  It is a topic which should be on all our minds as we drift ever closer to the November 15 municipal election and there is so much at st...
How Public are Public Records: This set of documents provided to the OIPCBC requests a response to the nature of “public documents” and the ability of municipal authorities to redact such documents. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia Letter of Complaint I await their response and will be in...
Another Municipal Election Looms: Ron Bolin: July 30, 2014 Due to technical difficulties, this post is best viewed via the connection shown below.  To get it, do a “control/click” on the link shown below and then open it with MS Word. Let me know how this works, please. Ron   Another Municipal Election Looms
Top 12 posts for first half of 2014: Reflecting back on the first half of 2014, what happened on mid Vancouver Island?  Here are the top 12 posts for the first half of the year: Diver Lake riparian bylaws broken but fines waived Nanaimo taxpayers lose out with no bidding process on exclusive water works deal Outrage over empty schoo...
Experimenting with chocolate in a Nanaimo kitchen: Everyone enjoys a good story and a sweet treat.  Here is the famous Nanaimo Bar story: After World War II, recipes for sweet unbaked desserts such as refrigerator squares became widespread when butter and sugar were once more available. By 1950, ingredients such as marshmallows, sweetened condens...
Movie and Yard Sale: Movie Night in the Park Friday, August 22nd in Deverill Square Park (Princess Royal School Park between Haliburton and Irwin Streets at Milton) Come and bring your family, some blankets and chairs. This evenings selection, Mrs. Doubtfire, is a tribute to the brilliance of Robin Williams. The movi...
Nanaimo’s South End is nominated as Canada’s Great Neighbourhood…: …in the Great Places in Canada contest. Voting opens tomorrow until September 25th and VOTE for your South End Neighbourhood! Watch out, there are 2 “South End” nominations this year so be sure to check our Nanaimo’s South End here: http://www.greatplacesincanada.ca/en/place.asp?id=1023 poster p...
Council Paves The Way For Another $700,000 Down The Drain!City Council voted 6-3 (Kipp, Bestwick, McKay opposed) to grant a licence of use to a new group wanting to use the old building at 25 Victoria Rd. for their theatrical pursuits. The city taxpayer will pay the group $11,350/yr as an operati...
Nanaimo Taxes Did NOT Have To Increase!: Note: Email Subscribers may have to visit Nanaimo Info Blog to view videoThe above is a video clip of my address to city council on May 12, 2014 just before they adopted the 2014 - 2018 Financial Plan which will see taxes go up a total of 16.8%.If council had elected to use the $4million surplus ...
JIM TAYLOR ASKS FOR READERS HELP: Wearing Three HatsAsking For Readers HelpI started as the blogger guy who thought the local press was giving city hall a free ride. As time passed I felt the need for an organized taxpayer group that might actually get city hall to listen, so Don Graham and myself founded the Nanaimo Ratepayers A...
Nanaimo Farmers' Markets Last In August:  Nanaimo & Area Farmers' Markets Nanaimo Downtown Farmers' Market Open Friday ( May 11 - Oct. 5, 2012)We are proud to say that we believe our market is one of the prettiest on the island. We have a large base of drop in vendors which keep our market ever changing. We enjoy watching the eagle...
Naomi Wakan Poet Laureate: In October 2013 Gabriola Island resident Naomi Wakan was appointed the first poet laureate of the city of Nanaimo, Canada. Her forthcoming book, Naomi in Nanaimo, will collect her Nanaimo poet laureate poems.
Tenerife Tours and Vacations: Few holiday destinations in Europe match Tenerife for the variety of water activities available at such a reasonable price.
Extreme Tardiness: Been quite a while since posting but do have many more posts to come.Been busy with work and attending council meetings; here is an example : ·      View 13(a) and then my question during question period. T'is a shame that there is no code of conduct for Mayor & Council and that even with R...
Strategic Plan Finale: Not a huge document by any means but the city will also have all of the info gathered, surveys, comments etc., if you are interested in seeing it.During the upcoming discussions of the 2013/14 budget the city will try and put some costs towards implementation, ought to be amusing. Disappointed th...
Results: We’ll try to find and post the results from different polls, but for now, here are the overall results posted on the city’s website. Congratulations to all successful candidates.  
Good Information: Excellent information on this site.  The questions are well-thought out and posed to all levels of leadership: mayor, council, and school board.   It’s difficult to read….just hit the button at the bottom to increase the copy size.  But well worth the time. http://www.electyourfuture.com/  
Nanaimo City Council 2011- 2014:

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