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Microsoft's next step toward embracing Android: Adding app support?: Microsoft is considering bringing Android apps to Windows 10 Lite devices like its rumored dual-screen Centaurus PC. Can Microsoft embrace and extend without trying to extinguish?
Microsoft's new Windows Terminal is close to release in the Store: Microsoft seems to be on the cusp of making its Windows Terminal app available in preview form in the Microsoft Store.
Microsoft gives Immersive Reader the AI treatment: Microsoft is turning its Immersive Learning tool into an Azure Cognitive Service and partnering with do-it-yourself computer-building kit maker Kano to develop a $300 Windows 10 S Mode PC kit.
NSA's EthernalBlue exploit ported to Windows 10:
Microsoft rolls out its first Azure container tool from Deis:
Windows 10 still does a lot of snooping:
Meet TeleVoIPs, a 2019 Fast 50 honoree: TeleVoIPs Location: Brandon Top executive: Grant Baxley, founder and CEO How would you describe what your company does to a friend or family member who may not know? TeleVoIPs provides business phone services and solutions to organizations across the country. What was the most exciting thing...
Amazon’s influence felt larger in small cities: In just a quarter-century of existence, Amazon has grown from an online bookseller to a company valued at $1 trillion and sells pretty much anything that can be imagined. With such a hefty inventory, Amazon has had to grow beyond Jeff Bezos' garage in Bellevue to a huge headquarters in downtown...
18,000 Microsoft Jobs Gone... Eventually?: 1. Cut Once.2. Cut Deeply. And might I humbly add:3. Cut Quickly. As of this morning, we're looking to cut 18,000 Microsoft positions including around half of the Nokia destruction-palooza orchestrated by Mr. Elop and Mr. Ballmer. How does this affect all of Microsoft? Redmond? That's a bit unkn...
Steve Ballmer is Going to Frickin' Retire From Microsoft!: OH Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months MY Moving forward GOODNESS Microsoft's next CEO Who's on the short list ZDNet +1. Liked. Favorited. Ka-ching! A well prepared blogger, even a crusty spider-web covered 99.9%-retired one like me, would have at least had a post ready to ...
Ancient Microsoft scam lives on:
iPhone 6 is an apple, the Lumia 830 Windows Phone is an orange.:
Another Nail in The Coffin: A recent anonymous comment on this site inquired or asked "Did We Give Up". The comment inquired why we failed to respond or post comments concerning Microsoft's last quarterly earnings. Well, the comments can be viewed at http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/43995In response to the questio...
Eric Jackson of Ironfire Capital: In past blogs we have made reference to Eric Jackson of Ironfire Capital. In 2007, the firm acquired less then 100 shares of Yahoo. Utilizing the Internet the firm implimented "Plan B" and rallied support from frustrated Yahoo shareholders.Mr. Jackson has a blog called Breakout Performance. In th...

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