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Microsoft Visual Studio Code tool is now part of the Anaconda Python distribution: Microsoft is continuing to bang the AI drum with its developer tools, with its latest announcement that VS Code is shipping as part of the Anaconda Python distribution.
Microsoft releases first Windows 10 'Redstone 5' test build; adds new app preview program: Microsoft released some minor new features to its latest Windows 10 Redstone 4 build, as well as its first Redstone 5 one.
Microsoft touts HoloLens rentals, business uses for mixed reality: The Microsoft AR/VR pendulum seems to be swinging back toward emphasizing the potential business use of HoloLens and mixed reality headsets.
GE sells off part of one of its oldest businesses: Lighting: Boston-based General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) is selling parts of its international lighting business to a company controlled by a former GE Lighting executive. The executive, Joerg Bauer, most recently was president of GE Hungary where GE Lighting’s Europe, Middle East, Africa and Turkey busines...
Amazon HQ2 is shaking up site selection for good: A new report predicts that the way companies go about choosing relocation and expansion sites will forever be altered by how Amazon.com is conducting its search for a city to host its coveted second headquarters.
RealWear raises $17 million to bring augmented reality hard hats to job sites: RealWear will use the funds to ramp up production of the voice-controlled, AR hard hats that work like industrial strength versions of Google Glass. RealWear's HMT-1 helmet is the first fully voice-controlled wearable device using AR for industrial settings including oil and gas, telecommunicatio...
NSA's EthernalBlue exploit ported to Windows 10:
Microsoft rolls out its first Azure container tool from Deis:
18,000 Microsoft Jobs Gone... Eventually?: 1. Cut Once.2. Cut Deeply. And might I humbly add:3. Cut Quickly. As of this morning, we're looking to cut 18,000 Microsoft positions including around half of the Nokia destruction-palooza orchestrated by Mr. Elop and Mr. Ballmer. How does this affect all of Microsoft? Redmond? That's a bit unkn...
Ancient Microsoft scam lives on:
Another Nail in The Coffin: A recent anonymous comment on this site inquired or asked "Did We Give Up". The comment inquired why we failed to respond or post comments concerning Microsoft's last quarterly earnings. Well, the comments can be viewed at http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/43995In response to the questio...

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