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The New “Canadian Model”: Protecting Communities or Creating Risks? | By Daniel Waring: After six months of legal limbo, Justice Minister Peter MacKay has introduced a new bill which would create a new legal framework for Canadian prostitution law. Bill C-36,
Wandering in a City of Possibility: A Note from the Incoming Editor-in-Chief | By Blue Knox: I’ve heard it said that we are the summary of our experiences. I can honestly say that writing for The Wanderer Online has been one of the most
Accepting Applications for Wanderer Editorial Positions | The Wanderer Online Staff: Last week, our team at The Wanderer Online announced upcoming changes to the magazine, indicating that we will soon be opening editorial applications to the public. This morning,
EJ urban affairs insider: I’m trying a new thing. Would you like to be on my insiders list? Here’s the big idea. How would my reporting be different if the people who cared most about Edmonton were my advisers? What if my reporting was so transparent, they could follow a project as it grew and make suggestions along the w...
Twitter reacts to Edmonton’s new skyscraper, tallest in city: “It’s like a skyscraper nerdgasm.”: Edmonton’s downtown will have one of Canada’s tallest buildings by 2018, Stantec’s new 62 storey skyscraper in the downtown arena district. The skyscraper is huge economic news for the downtown and the district. To make all the restaurants and coffee shops of the district work, the Katz Group nee...
Garage suites: a crowd-reporting project: On Tuesday, councillors voted to let homeowners build garage suites anywhere on the block throughout single-family neighbourhoods in Edmonton. This will likely become law this spring. Can you help investigate? What do the garage suites look like now, and how are they affecting neighbourhoods? If...
Staples: Stantec skyscraper beacon of better things for Edmonton: Stantec’s new $500-million skyscraper will be mighty tall when it’s completed in 2018 — 62 storeys, dwarfing all other Edmonton towers, making it one of the highest skyscrapers in the country, behind five Toronto and two Calgary towers (The Bow and an even taller Calgary tower currently in the wo...
Edmonton researchers find new target for cancer therapies: Researchers at the University of Alberta may have helped uncover a novel method of treating glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Chemistry professor Christopher Cairo and his team synthesized a compound that inhibits the enzyme neuraminidase four (NEU4). Neuraminidase is found in regular cells a...
Edmonton will officially join the skyscraper club with Stantec’s new tower: Stantec today unveiled their new headquarters, a 62-storey tower that will be built on the corner of 102 Street and 103 Avenue right in the heart of the Edmonton Arena District. Along with the Katz Group, WAM Development Group, and City of Edmonton, Stantec shared details on the new building whic...
Media Monday Edmonton: Update #124: Here’s my latest update on local media stuff: Big news over at 630 CHED: Ed Mason has announced his retirement! He started his career back in 1963, and came to Edmonton in 1975 where he hosted the morning news and served as news director on CHQT until 2005 when he made the move to CHED. Also, T...
It’s show me time in the Alberta Politics: Trying to find an opinion about the Alberta PC Party and its recent leadership race is easy. Finding one that is new, or would make a difference after being said, is nearly impossible. For this alone, the person who invented the word ‘clusterfuck’ might deserve a Pulitzer. But in my stupidity, I ...
Why I am Supporting Randy Boissonnault for Edmonton Centre: For many years, I chose not to concern myself with what the rest of Canada thought about Edmonton. In my heart I knew the special nature of this community and in many ways me, my company and my family have all benefited because of it. But in the last few years, especially as a business owner who ...

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