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The New “Canadian Model”: Protecting Communities or Creating Risks? | By Daniel Waring: After six months of legal limbo, Justice Minister Peter MacKay has introduced a new bill which would create a new legal framework for Canadian prostitution law. Bill C-36,
Wandering in a City of Possibility: A Note from the Incoming Editor-in-Chief | By Blue Knox: I’ve heard it said that we are the summary of our experiences. I can honestly say that writing for The Wanderer Online has been one of the most
Accepting Applications for Wanderer Editorial Positions | The Wanderer Online Staff: Last week, our team at The Wanderer Online announced upcoming changes to the magazine, indicating that we will soon be opening editorial applications to the public. This morning,
Alberta Education’s blueprint for educational change is “biased and unrealistic,” Porteous says: The Great Alberta Curriculum Debate, Part 26: Former associate dean of University of Alberta’s engineering department offers detailed critique of Alberta Education’s blueprint for changing everything about Alberta’s education system Ken Porteous Critique of “Inspiring Education A Dialogue With ...
Should smoking be banned on Edmonton’s most important downtown public square?: Coun. Michael Walter is in favour of banning cigarette smoking on Churchill Square downtown. “We have talked about making (Churchill Square) a healthy place that’s attractive to families and active all the time, and the level of cigarette smoke in the air I think deters families from coming,” ...
Get rail cars out of Edmonton: Ed Gibbons: Do we need an outer ring road? Coun. Ed Gibbons answer is … well, sort of, but certainly not the one Alberta Transportation proposed. Alberta Transportation proposed a highway about eight kilometres out from the current outer ring road, the Anthony Henday. Gibbons says we should push it 30 kilome...
One species removed, four added to Alberta’s threatened species list: With extra protection on its breeding lakes, Alberta’s trumpeter swan population has recovered enough to be removed from the threatened species list. But growing pressure on rivers and lakes has put three types of fish, including the bull trout (the province’s official fish), the Athabasca rainbo...
Questions remain for friends of homicide victim: Michael Cook found out about his former partner’s homicide through Facebook. He’d known Kerry McGill for 14 years, and the two had started dating last year. He said he’ll never forget the smile McGill had on his face when he stepped off the bus to visit him in Manitoba last summer.
Media Monday Edmonton: Update #121: Hope you’re all having a great summer so far! Here’s my latest update on local media stuff: Sounds like there won’t be another season of Oil Change this year. Here’s what Matt Henderson had to say about it: “What the documentary captured wasn’t the Oilers rising out of the ashes like a Phoenix, ...
Edmonton Notes for 7/27/2014: Here are my weekly Edmonton notes: Headlines Great news for downtown: Stantec is keeping their global headquarters in the heart of Edmonton, with a new building in the Edmonton Arena District. For a bunch of other exciting downtown news, see my post from Wednesday. And if you haven’t already don...
Why I am Supporting Randy Boissonnault for Edmonton Centre: For many years, I chose not to concern myself with what the rest of Canada thought about Edmonton. In my heart I knew the special nature of this community and in many ways me, my company and my family have all benefited because of it. But in the last few years, especially as a business owner who ...
Questioning a Jim Prentice coronation: Danielle SmithLeader of the Opposition I have met Danielle Smith. I like her. She is forthright and a great communicator; fun, authentic and passionate for her ideals. I’ve known Greg Clark for some time. I really like him. Greg is the perfect example of the new Alberta in my opinion. Young fam...

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