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Some folks love the idea allowing cyclists on our sidewalks. Others hate it.:   Should cyclists be allowed to ride their bikes on city sidewalks? Is this a solution to our bike lane issue? I wrote about this issue in a recent column, one where long-time cyclist Lily Skorupa suggested that allowing such cycling on sidewalks was a good idea. There has been a massive respo...
Cats of the world: Welcome to the Katz District!: Some folks are having some fun with the controversy around the naming of the Edmonton arena district. They’ve created a website promoting the Katz district, which turns out to be a district for, well, cats: “HELLO EXCITEMENT. The Katz District is a dream nearly a decade in the making and a devel...
Saying good-bye to Jenny Loken, guiding light of Councillor Dave Loken: The obituary in the Edmonton Journal reads: “Jenny Loken passed away suddenly at home on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at the age of 84. Predeceased by her husband Gordon (1965) as well as her daughters, Linda (1981) and Janice (2011). Survived by her children, Barbara, Debbie, Gordon (Denise) and Davi...
Edmonton Notes for December 10, 2017: Here are my weekly Edmonton notes: Headlines City Council approved the Supplemental Operating Budget Adjustment for 2018 this week, approving a property tax increase of 3.2%. “Council also approved the $1.4 billion capital budget for 2018 projects that includes new fire stations, upgrading libra...
Media Monday Edmonton: Update #276: Here’s my latest update on local media stuff: Felix “Fil” Fraser, who came to Edmonton in the 1970s to work at CBC TV, died Sunday at the age of 86. Among other accolades, Fraser was inducted into the Order of Canada in 1991. Chuck Chandler, who worked in Edmonton at various times from the 1960s...
Edmonton Notes for December 3, 2017: Just three weeks to go until Christmas! Where has the time gone? Here are my weekly Edmonton notes: Headlines The City released four reports for Council related to the Exhibition Lands on Friday. “These reports bring together completed work and next steps to attract the most innovative, sustaina...

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