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Fun with Funiculars: Sliding into Edmonton’s Past: Edmonton’s original funicular, the Edmonton Incline Railway opened in 1908, built into the side of McDougall hill, below McDougall Church. As Edmonton City Council prepares to debate the wisdom of spending $24 million – most of that federal and provincial money – on a fancy new funicular in Edm...
Why the PISA Testers Have Gone ‘Warm and Fuzzy’: By Paul W. Bennett The international education flock is gathering. Four hundred top education officials and invited guests from 17 different countries are about to arrive at the Banff Springs Hotel for the fifth annual International Summit on the Teaching Profession (ISTP 2015). Since the first N...
Fedora Fest: Black and White and Read All Over: Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant in His Girl Friday. The film will show Thursday March 26, at 7 pm, at the Garneau Cinema. This Thursday, March 26,  the Metro Cinema Society launches a new film series at the fabulous Garneau Theatre on 109th Street. The idea of the “Presents” series is to ask no...
Coming up at City Council: April 27 – May 1, 2015: Agendas for upcoming City Council meetings are generally released on Thursday afternoons. I like to take a look to see what Council will be discussing, and I figured I should share that here. Below you’ll find links to the meetings taking place next week, as well as links to and thoughts on some ...
Recap: The Walrus Talks Aboriginal City in Edmonton: Tonight I joined close to 1,200 others at the Shaw Conference Centre for The Walrus Talks Aboriginal City, “eighty minutes of lively, thought-provoking ideas on Aboriginal life in Canadian cities – from culture, to business, to politics, and more.” I didn’t realize the event was going to be so la...
Space for Place: Placemaking in Edmonton: Today I had the opportunity to speak about place and placemaking at City Hall along with Jeff Chase, a Senior Planner at the City of Edmonton working on CITYlab. You may also know him as co-organizer of #yegsnowfight! The City of Edmonton’s Sustainable Development department has organized a few l...

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