Clippings: Media coverage of Votermedia

Date Source Author Title & Link Description
2016-10-16 Marina Strauss & Sean Silcoff

MEC dropped a controversial requirement that severely limited who could qualify to be on its board.

2015-12-03 Mark Latham

Retail shareowner uprising at Canadian mining company.

2015-10-16 Sean Silcoff & Marina Strauss

Discusses MEC's loss of democratic member control. See also votermedia.blogspot.ca/search/label/MEC.

2013-09-03 Ian Thomas

Pro and con opinions of this votermedia proposal in Cisco's 2013 proxy -- see also votermedia.org/proposals.

2013-04-26 Claire Vulliamy

Vancity's lack of member democracy may be undermining the public interest goals of their funding allocations. Quotes from Mark Latham's 2012 paper We Want Our Co-ops Back

2013-04-11 Carlito Pablo

Vancity board endorsements on election ballot criticized as undemocratic. Quotes from Mark Latham's 2012 paper We Want Our Co-ops Back

2013-03-18 Mark Latham

Opinion piece on resolutions for member vote at MEC and at Coast Capital Savings.

2013-01-20 Sarah Bigam

UBC blogger coverage of student union has shrunk, from lack of incentive.

2012-09-10 Katie Wagner

Mixed reviews of the Proxy Advisor Competition Proposal we recently submitted to Costco.

2012-04-30 Kai Nagata

Summary of recent Journalism Strategies conference in Montreal. Brief mention of votermedia. Interesting comments from readers.

2012-04-12 Carlito Pablo

Many Vancity members oppose the practice of highlighting board-approved recommended candidates on the ballot. This comment links to the related VoterMedia blog post.

2012-03-19 Stephen Thomson

MEC election and proposed resolution illustrate need for better voter info system -- see 1st comment on this article

2012-01-27 Ben Christopher

Origin of VoterMedia idea, why it works, success at UBC

2012-01-10 Andrew Bates

UBC AMS 2011-2012 budget for VoterMedia awards: $1,000 for OneTime election-linked contest; $0 for Continuous

2011-11-09 Jennifer Moreau

VoterMedia & municipal blog contest; Burnaby blog ballot.

2011-11-02 Andrew MacLeod

Shows why VoterMedia is needed to support public journalism -- see Mark Latham comment below this article.

2011-11-02 Sarah Mansour

Changing economics of journalism; VoterMedia & municipal blog contest; Media Democracy Days.

2011-10-13 Suzanne Wilton

Description of VoterMedia.org and our B.C. Municipal 2011 blog competition.

2011-10-12 Sean Kolenko

Development of VoterMedia.org and our B.C. Municipal 2011 blog competition.

2011-01-06 Arshy Mann

UBC AMS Continuous VoterMedia contest on hold pending rules update re anonymous blogs

2010-11-05 Justin McElroy

UBC AMS VoterMedia competition now runs year-round -- good!

2010-09-13 Melissa Klein Aguilar

Mark Latham not volunteering for the new SEC Investor Advisory Committee

2010-07-14 James McRitchie

Supports & expands on Client Directed Voting Q&A

2010-06-07 Bill McNabb

Fortune uses ProxyDemocracy to critique Vanguard's CEO on their voting record

2010-03-05 Tara Siegel Bernard

Voting power of retail investors aided by ProxyDemocracy, Moxy Vote.

2010-03-05 John Wilcox

CDV needs more options (as in Proxy Voting Brand Competition).

2010-02-04 Editors

AMS should run Continuous VoterMedia year-round.

2010-02-03 Alex Lougheed

Pretty graphs of Continuous VoterMedia results through time.

2010-02-02 Stephanie Warren

Surprising results in AMS OneTime VoterMedia contest -- compare results in Continuous contest

2009-12-16 Neal Yonson

Continuous VoterMedia for UBC AMS: reasons for it, how it's different.

2009-12-16 Jason Ng

VoterMedia overview; UBC implementations.

2009-09-24 Mark Latham

Use voter funded media for CIRA board election?

2009-02-17 Ian Ayres

Summary of A national endowment for journalism. Latham comment.

2009-02-10 Mark Latham

Evolution of VoterMedia at UBC 2007 - 2008 - 2009.

2009-01-31 Justin Yang

3 years of evolution for VoterMedia at UBC.

2008-12-23 Rob Annandale

VoterMedia overview; critique from journalism instructors.

2008-12 Janine Armin

Mark Latham quoted: let shareowners choose auditor.

2008-10-27 Mark Crowley

VoterMedia, democratic engagement, proportional voting.

2008-10-24 Isabel Ferreras

Decline of activity in VoterMedia; need for promotion.

2008-10-04 Eden Hart

Urging blog contestants to increase their readership.

2008-10-03 Sean Orr

Positive review of VoterMedia.org project.

2008-09-05 Miss604.com

Audio; 35 minutes; Mark Latham interview.

2008-07-16 Julie Carpentier

Audio; 9 minutes; en francais; VoterMedia & Vancouver.

2008 Benjamin Alldritt

Mark Latham interview; VoterMedia overview.

2008-05-12 Stephen Rees

Vancouver transit issues; enough for prize?

2008-03-06 Maayan Kreitzman

Year-round VoterMedia at SFU; UBC; future of VoterMedia.

2008-02-07 Mark Latham

Positive assessment of VoterMedia impact and evolution.

2008-02-02 Eoin O'Dwyer

Impact of low turnout in VoterMedia voting period.

2008-02-01 Maayan Kreitzman

Debate on media quality and which awards were deserved.

2008-01-27 Maayan Kreitzman

Interpolated Consensus vote tallying system.

2008-01-22 anonymous

Flaws in VoterMedia.

2008-01-14 coopcom

Intro to VoterMedia for Simon Fraser University students.

2008-01-12 Maayan Kreitzman

Late launch of UBC VoterMedia contest.

2007-12-07 Sarah Gordon

Western Washington University VoterMedia proposal.

2007-10-23 Maayan Kreitzman

UBC 2007-2008 VoterMedia contest intro.

2007-06-06 Maayan Kreitzman

Overview of VoterMedia. Can it really change the media?

2007-03-28 VFM Committee

Recommends VoterMedia again, starting Sept 2007.

2007-02-13 Alfie Lee

VoterMedia educates students and candidates re AMS issues.

2007-02-06 Matthew Naylor

Benefits of VoterMedia scrutiny of electoral candidates.

2007-02-02 Boris Korby & Eric Szeto

Various reactions to surprising VoterMedia vote results.

2007-02-01 Mark Latham

Why surprising VoterMedia vote results; future of VoterMedia.

2007-01-28 Tim Louman-Gardiner

Overview/critique of VoterMedia contestants & impact.

2007-01-27 Titus Gregory

VoterMedia overview. Comprehensiveness of Elections Insider.

2005-07-01 Stephen Davis

Launch of MPA which later became ProxyDemocracy.

2004-01-30 Stephen Davis

Plans for client directed voting, based on The Internet Will Drive Corporate Monitoring and Voting Leverage proposal.

2002-02-08 Stephen Davis

Mark Latham submits Auditor Independence proposal to Fleetwood Enterprises.

2001-01-04 Mercer Bullard

AFL-CIO push to require funds to disclose how they vote; Latham quoted.

2000-12-22 Stephen Davis

Mark Latham submits Auditor Independence proposal to SONICblue.

2000-10 Shelley Alpern

Clarified Latham's proposals on improving proxy voting.

2000-10-02 Mark Latham

Response to "Too much corporate power?" story

2000-03-27 Newsroom

Report on 1999-2000 Proxy Advisor proposal campaign.

1999-11-10 Diane Levick

Report on 1999-2000 Proxy Advisor proposal campaign.


Founding of The Corporate Library. 1999-2000 Proxy Advisor proposal campaign.

1999-11-09 Mark Latham

Proxy Advisor proposal submitted to Citigroup, General Electric, Gillette, Pfizer, Warner-Lambert

1999-10-29 Stephen Davis

James McRitchie submits Mark Latham's Proxy Advisor proposal to Whole Foods.

1997-12-26 Stephen Davis

Article Proposed: A Governance "Monitor" published in Sept/Oct 1997 issue of The Corporate Board.

1997-09-02 Mark Latham

Article published in The Corporate Board