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Get Lost in the Wilderness on New Yearâ??s Eve: The Features performing â??All I Askâ?? at Lake Fever in Nashville, Tenn.Lake Fever Sessions via Vimeo If youâ??ve already made plans for New Yearâ??s Eve, then you might want to change them. If you havenâ??t, then youâ??re in luck. The Features are coming...
The Civic Forum as Urban Catalyst: Photo courtesy of River City Company.When you're looking at 1001 Market St., the word "energy" probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. The Civic Forum was razed in 2003 and turned into a parking lot. Since then, it's sat underutilized and devoid of much activity. But give...
Planning Across Boundaries: When we think about public planning, we tend to think on a small scale: the zoning of a neighborhood, road construction or a citywide sewer system. These planning functions are essential to building a livable community, but they're mostly limited to a local area within a single juris...
Should you run for office if you have that name?: What’s in a name? Someone named Joe Hooe requested to add me as a friend on Facebook. I don’t know Joe, and I don’t know how he pronounces his last name; but you can bet that I read it as “Joe Who?” The fun part is, Mr. Hooe is running for political office—a state senate seat in Maryland, which ...
Register to vote: In case you haven’t heard it anywhere else, today is National Voter Registration Day. It’s assumed that readers here are already registered. But you can talk to your co-workers, friends, and family. Tweet
I Love A Parade!: Any Labor Day parades featuring political candidates in your town today? Got a picture or a video? Put a link in the comments or email your parade accounts to info@tennesseeticket.com. While youâ??re doing that, what races are you watching with particular interest? Of course weâ??re all paying at...

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