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New Research Sparks Health Canada Warning Deer Plague Might Infect Humans (in News): Chronic wasting disease long thought not to affect human health.
In the Church of Naomi Klein (in Culture): ‘No Is Not Enough’ includes plenty of articles of faith for the radical remaking of public life.  Related Stories How Hillary Clinton, Trapped in the Past and Privilege, Lost (in Culture) At DOXA: Trumped! What the $%*%(!! Now? (in Culture) 'Where to Invade Next' Waves a Banner of Hope (in Culture)
NDP leadership candidates affirm support for labour in debate: Meagan Gillmore NDP leadership candidates reinforced their commitment to workers and the labour movement at a debate hosted by the United Steelworkers in Toronto on Thursday night. Candidates unanimously supported protecting workers' pensions when companies declare bankruptcy, helping temporary ...
The reversal of privatization and an urban coming of age : David A. McDonald A gentle revolution is underway in Barcelona, Spain. Until recently, prevailing wisdom has been that efficient, quality and cheap services are best provided by handing everything over to the private sector. These days are gone. From energy supply to kindergartens to funeral serv...
What the NDP can learn from Buzzfeed: Could Buzzfeed provide a clue about how the New Democratic Party can re-invent itself? After interviewing Buzzfeed’s CEO and founder, Jonah Peretti, Bloomberg News reported that the company’s future may hinge on whether it can get young viewers to spend 23 minutes watching someone eat a $100 doug...
Canadian lumber producers brace for second round of softwood lumber duties: MONTREAL – Canada’s softwood lumber industry is bracing for a second wave of U.S. duties expected to come Monday that could put further pressure on producers, particularly smaller ones, to cut jobs. The U.S. Department of Commerce announced in April preliminary countervailing duties against five ...
Court denies deforestation permit to mining company in Algonquin territory: On Wednesday, June 7, Quebec’s Superior Court rejected mining company Copper One's appeal of a Quebec government decision to deny the company a deforestation permit needed to begin exploratory work in La Vérendrye wildlife reserve.
Canada needs a strong CBC: The federal government has taken the first step on a long road toward what will hopefully be the restoration of the CBC as Canada’s most important public interest and cultural institution.
It's Time To Expand Assisted-Dying Legislation To Include Advance Directives For Dementia: The assisted-dying bill (Bill C-14) was passed in Canada almost a year ago, but not without its detractors -- on both sides of the issue. Opponents of the bill were concerned that vulnerable populations, such as those with disabilities or mental health issues, might opt for this extreme measure ...
Mulcair Hammers Trudeau For Breaking Promise On Access-To-Information Law: NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is accusing the prime minister of a “con job” for breaking another campaign pledge, this time on Canada’s access-to-information law. Mulcair hammered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in question period Tuesday for backtracking on a promise to ensure the Access to Informatio...
Épopée de la droite identitaire: C’est à Saint-Lazare, samedi le 17 juin, que se rencontraient des partisans du nationalisme identitaire, afin de «faire front commun» contre le statu quo qui nous mènerait vers un «désastre socio-politique évident».
Fêtons la mort: Le Mexique, pays qui entretient ses traditions, célèbre annuellement la fête des morts. Cette célébration des mort-es occupe une place importante dans la société et elle unit, à sa façon, les gens ensemble.
The same Ottawa professor has been cited in every single story about the B.C. election: A case study in lazy journalism Philippe Lagassé is an associate professor at Ottawa’s Carleton university. He is also apparently the only human on the entire planet who has ever studied the Canadian political system or British Columbian politics, since he’s routinely been the sole person asked t...
What was Trump’s crime?: The lines separating the legal from the political are increasingly blurred. Policy questions that used to be resolved through political debate are now litigated through the courts, while political debates now consist of endless allegations of illegal acts. The result is a lot of lawyers who fancy...
Kevin O’Leary quits leadership bid of Canada’s Conservative Party: With the news that Kevin O’Leary has pulled out of the running for the leader of Canada’s Conservative Party, I thought that it was a ......Read More The post Kevin O’Leary quits leadership bid of Canada’s Conservative Party appeared first on .
Yes, Change is Hard and Requires Math, That is Why We Elected You: So it seems that the response about the electoral reform committee (EMME) process is that there are lots of committed, organized, focused, passionate people who want to make this country better, speaking for the importance of changing our voting system to one that assigns seats in proportion to t...
CELEBRATING RIGHT TO KNOW WEEK: A panel discussion during Right to Know Week will take place at Carleton University later this month. (Photograph by nismonick) I’m excited to announce I’ll be speaking at my alma mater for an event celebrating Right to Know Week. On Sept. 26, Carleton University and the Office of the Informati...
Teaching Digital at the Kennedy School of Government: Part 3 – Our Users and What They Need: Focusing on the User: Who Policy Schools Teach While students from Schools of Policy and Government go on to do a variety of work, whether in the private, nonprofit or for profit sector, most will take a role in one of three functional areas: Politics, Administration/Operations and Public Policy....

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