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Morning Brief: That’s a wrap: Today's Morning Brief is brought to you by the Railway Association of Canada.
Ford Perp Cartoon:
Evening Brief: House rises for holiday break: Today’s Lunchbox is brought to you by Lucky, who unluckily broke his leg. He’s getting the treatment he needs at the Ottawa Humane Society. Will you help Lucky and other homeless and injured animals like him with a Christmas donation? Visit www.heartwarminggifts.ca The Lead It’s the final curtain...
Trudeau wins praise for rolling back Harper-era attacks on right to vote: December 13, 2018Trudeau wins praise for rolling back Harper-era attacks on right to voteAs Bill C-76 was given Senate approval, progressive groups applauded. The law rolls back the most odious provisions of the Harper government’s Fair Elections Act that encouraged voter suppression.
Trudeau wins praise for rolling back Harper-era attacks on right to vote: Karl Nerenberg It is not often that groups like the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Federation of Students have cause to give enthusiastic and unqualified praise to the Trudeau government. But they did so this week, when Bill C-76, the Liberals’ Elections Modernization Act, passed in the Se...
PUBLICITY SUGGESTIONS ALARM COMMISSIONERS: The Royal Commission on Security also commented on concerns surrounding administrative secrecy. (Graphic by Government of Canada) June 25, 1969 – The Royal Commission on Security’s abridged report was tabled in the House of Commons. The commission, which was announced on November 16, 1966,1Bob...
THE MERIT OF ASKING AGGRESSIVE QUESTIONS: CNN’S Jim Acosta confronts President Donald Trump. (Image by CNN) Following the news that the Trump administration revoked Jim Acosta’s White House press pass, some journalists have criticized the CNN correspondent for his argumentative questioning of the president during a news conference earl...
Uber? Taxis? Or Plan C? How to Get Ride Hailing Right (in Analysis): BC could show the world a non-profit model that beats oligopolies.
Want to Fix Foster Care? Ask Kids Who Have Been Through the System (in News): Innovative report co-researched by youth from care focuses on importance of relationships.  Related Stories Creating Connections Through Photography (in News) Youth Homelessness on the Rise in Kamloops (in News) Youth Death Highlights Mental Health Reform, Government Promises Change (in News)
The CAQ??s shameless electoralism is a blast from the past: The Coalition Avenir Québec, leading in the polls ahead of October??s provincial election, recently released its ??Traffic Reduction Plan? for Greater Montreal. Or so went the marketing pitch. Yet with the bulk of the plan??s $10 billion in proposed inv...
Conservatives join NDP in blasting Trudeau??s pipeline bailout: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau??s decision to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan for $4.5-billion has brought together unusual allies across the political spectrum. Many from the pro-pipeline camp have joined pipeline protestors to...
The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Human Rights Day:: The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Human Rights Day: “Today on Human Rights Day, we celebrate the progress we have ......Read More
The PM Justin Trudeau issues a statement on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities: The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities: “Millions of Canadians live with a disability. ......Read More
La coupe du monde des femmes: Alors que la coupe du monde bat son plein et que les joueurs s'affrontent sur les terrains, on voit circuler sur les médias sociaux des vidéos et campagnes publicitaires qui visent à sensibiliser les spectateurs quant à l'augmentation des violences f...
Les lendemains qui... jazzent: Suite à la polémique entourant la tenue de la production SL?V au Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, le Festival international de Jazz de Montréal (FIJM) a annoncé l??annulation du spectacle. Le metteur en scène Robert Lepage a publié un communiqué sur cette an...
10 times the Globe and Mail editorial page has expressed an absurdly inflated sense of Canada??s place in the world:   1. ??How Canada can help lead the way to better global health? (2016) Summary: Canada can improve global health outcomes by telling other countries what to do.   2. ??How Canada can become a global food production powerhouse? (2017) Summary: More countries should buy Canadian food. ...
Dust Off That Blog, It??s Election Time: Whew, it??s been a while hasn??t it? There??s dust everywhere?how do you even get dust inside a blog? Oh well. There??s an election in Ontario on June 7, 2018 and well, I have opinions (see @rateldajer for the political part of me on Twitter). What??s on my mind right now: In something...
??They??ll Just Make It Illegal?: Cryptocurrencies, Public Goods & the State Late last year, I and a colleague from HKS were meeting with a VC I??d gotten to know in San Francisco. As an opening salvo in the conversation, the VC asked us ??aren??t you worried about a cryptocurrency making the US dollar obsolete?? I repl...

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