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The cult of the car continues unabated in Ontario: June 16, 2018 Food & Health Politics in Canada Car commuters fight back while more walkers and cyclists diePopulist-right election victories signal a revolt of drivers. Conservative politicians exploit suburban commuters’ fears of carbon taxes and higher costs at the pump. cars vs. bikes Dou...
Trump's anti-Canadian antics are good news for Alberta pipeline advocates -- whether or not that was the plan: David J. Climenhaga U.S. President Donald Trump may not actually have intended to deliver a setback to West Coast environmentalists opposed to the completion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project, but he has done so with his recent dubious allegations about Canada's trading practices. ...
Tackling food insecurity in a northern Indigenous community: June 15, 2018 Food & Health Indigenous Rights Politics in Canada Social enterprise improves food security in Garden Hill First NationIn spite of its devastating effect, food insecurity in the northern First Nations communities in Manitoba remains a largely overlooked problem. food insecurity ...
At committee today: Agriculture tech, charities and Arctic issues: With the spring sitting poised to wrap up by the end of the week — if not sooner — most committees have now shifted to pre-recess mode, resulting in a noticeably lighter schedule. As of press time, just two House committees are set to meet today, and only one will do so in public. Later […]
MPs to mull over anti-terror regime, environmental assessment process and proposed new gun laws: As previewed in iPolitics AM, Team Trudeau’s pot legalization plan is still leading the pre-recess to-do list, which means that MPs can expect to start the final week on the clock with a final round of debate on the amendments proposed by the Senate — and specifically, the government’s proposed r...
Morning Brief: Byelections and cruel border battles: Today's Morning Brief is brought to you by The Data Effect, a special event in Ottawa on June 26.
How the Liberals twist climate change to fit their worldview: Amid the furor of Trump’s erratic denouncements of Canada following the G7 summit, it was easy to miss the Liberal government attempt to pass itself off as a climate leader.
Death-squad-promoting white supremacist exposed as Ottawa gamer: Last month Ricochet reported that white supremacists were cheering on Doug Ford in the Ontario election. Ford’s election as premier likely led to rejoicing among Canada’s neo-Nazis, but for one of them, the party has abruptly come to an end. The iden...
For things to change, we need men to speak out against everyday sexism: It was a gorgeous Sunday morning and I was trying to soak up the sun and stay away from the news when my phone started angrily pinging non-stop.
Join Us to Talk About a New Path to Healthier Communities (in Presents): Andrew MacLeod’s book looks beyond medical care to identify what makes us sick. We need to talk about it.  Related Stories Win Two Tickets to the 2016 Land Awards Gala! (in Presents) Debate Pits Freer Markets Against Gov't Intervention on Affordable Housing (in Presents)
Good Intentions, Not Enough Action in Indigenous Child Welfare Plan, Says Advocate (in News): Part 12 of a series. Minister Jane Philpott says the government knows the way out of the crisis. Cindy Blackstock has a different plan.  Related Stories Lessons from Care: ‘The Only Flaw in This System Is that Some of Us Survived’ (in News) The Kelowna Accord, Racism and the Child Welfare Crisis...
Un climat de peur peu propice aux manifestations: Alors que le Sommet du G7 battait son plein à La Malbaie, c’est dans la ville de Québec que les manifestant-es s’étaient donnés rendez-vous pour faire entendre leur désaccord avec cette réunion des sept pays les plus riches.
Fil Rouge - Épisode 4 - Wendake: Fil Rouge, c'est la nouvelle série de podcasts de Ricochet et de Planète F. Nous sommes allés entendre les histoires de plusieurs communautés autochtones du Québec. Au programme, des témoignages inédits, drôles, touchants, instructifs, de personnages...
THE LONG MARCH FOR SCIENCE: Demonstrators at the 2017 March for Science in Washington, DC. (Photograph by Becker1999) The international March for Science movement has helped popularize the importance of science-based decision-making in government. But concerns about its absence are longer standing than many of us may real...
DISCERNING THE TRUTH: Demonstrators marching in the street holding signs during the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. (Photograph by Marion S. Trikosko) If you’ve been a reader of this site, you’ll know I’ve been busy working on a dissertation about the early history of freedom of information in Canada....
For Posterity: Predictions for the June, 7 2018 Ontario election: This post was made on June 7, 2018 at 9:23 PST Note: 63 seats is required for a majority government. CBC Poll Tracker (Eric Grenier) “89.7% Probability of the Progressive Conservatives winning a majority” Seat Predictions: OPC: 78 NDP: 45 OLP: 1 EKOS “EKOS Predicts PC Majority” Seat Predictions /...
PC Paul Calandra elated to be Markham-Stouffville MPP: Calandra won the riding going away receiving, 25,912 votes in the unofficial tally, with Jazcek getting 14,007, Kwok, 10,997 and Green Party Candidate Jose Etcheverr ......Read More The post PC Paul Calandra elated to be Markham-Stouffville MPP appeared first on .
Dust Off That Blog, It’s Election Time: Whew, it’s been a while hasn’t it? There’s dust everywhere…how do you even get dust inside a blog? Oh well. There’s an election in Ontario on June 7, 2018 and well, I have opinions (see @rateldajer for the political part of me on Twitter). What’s on my mind right now: In something I don’t rememb...
The End of the Beginning of Digital Service Units: Balancing Users, Platforms, and Buy-in Strategies for National Digital Teams This week, digital HKS is partnering with Public Digital to convene digital services units from around the world. We will talk about what is and, more importantly, what is not working, with their work. Our intention is t...

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