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Harris shadow-boxing Villaraigosa in Senate race: Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is not yet a candidate for U.S. Senate, and he might still skip the race altogether.
3 former California governors back independent redistricting: Three former California governors are wading in to an Arizona elections case before the Supreme Court that could have major implications on how California draws its congressional and legislative districts.
Lawmaker wants to restrict e-cigarettes in California: A state lawmaker wants to ban e-cigarettes from restaurants, bars and other workplaces in California where smoking is currently prohibited, but the proposal is expected to face stiff opposition from the tobacco industry.
New Economic Policy Institute Report Details Economic Challenges Facing UC Workers: By Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 2010 More than 80 percent of University of California (UC) support staff employees are paid wages too low to provide the basic necessities of life in the areas where they live and work, according to preliminary findings of a study conducte...
Let the Boxer retirement discussions commence: Her term is up in 2016, will she run again? by Brian Leubitz With Senator Boxer's term expiring in 2016, now is the time to talk about the future. With all the time required to build a strong campaign in California, prospective candidates are anxious for word, not wanting to step on any toes befo...
Speaker Atkins Appoints Committee Chairs: Most Democrats have a committee chair by Brian Leubitz Below the fold you will find the full list of committee chairs. All in all, given the big number of committees, most Democratic legislators who aren't in leadership get a chair. I think the exceptions were Lorena Gonzalez, who is the vice-cha...
Court ruling could jeopardize California redistricting: California and Arizona are two states that couldn’t be further apart in temperament and size. But in one crucial issue – the drawing of political boundaries – they are joined at the hip, as California’s redistricting commission made clear Friday to the U.S. Supreme Court. Traditionally, the drawi...
GOP electoral strategy making headway: Minutes after the polls closed on Election Day, pundits raced to explain why specific candidates won or lost, whether by a handful of votes, or a landslide. There were a few big surprises where supposedly “safe” Democrat seats were lost to Republican challengers. Those who suggest these victories...
Christie Woos Iowa Conservatives: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is trying to connect with Iowa conservatives by assuring them that "you'll always know who I am" if he runs for president.While still undeclared, Christie left few doubts Saturday at the Iowa Freedom Summit that he is primed to enter the 2016 GOP race. ...
Biden: Community College Plan a "Gigantic Opportunity": Vice President Joe Biden visited Los Angeles on Friday to talk about helping more Americans go to college, three days after President Barack Obama called on Congress to make two years of community college free.In his State of the Union speech Tuesday, Obama said he wants two years of college to b...
Gov't to overhaul Medicare payments to doctors, hospitals: Medicare will change the way it pays hospitals and doctors to reward quality over volume, the Obama administration said Monday, in a shift that officials hope will be a catalyst for the nation's $3 trillion health care system. … Click to Continue »
GOP donors appear in no hurry to commit to 2016 candidate: Add Chris Christie to the list of prospective candidates for president now taking donations, a group of Republicans that might ultimately top two dozen. … Click to Continue »
calipolitics: California Pension Reform Coming to Ballot Near You - http://t.co/L7XTVeYo: calipolitics: California Pension Reform Coming to Ballot Near You - http://t.co/L7XTVeYo

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