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Brokered GOP convention? No way. Yes, way…: The conventional wisdom says fuggedaboutit. Pundits, campaign managers, and the politicians themselves express doubt about the possibility.  Not as much as previously, but still doubt. It might happen.  And California could be in the middle of it all. There is growing buzz that the 2016 Republica...
A rocky road for down-ballot propostions: As Capitol Weekly reported today, the November ballot is growing with seven measures already ready for the ballot, and another 66 in the wings.  Most won’t qualify, so there is little reason to fear a 48-measure ballot like California saw in 1914.  But we could near or exceed the modern high wate...
November: Ballot props lining up: One thing about California’s lineup of looming ballot propositions: You can’t say they aren’t interesting. The general election isn’t until November, but the array of measures facing voters is taking shape. From school bonds to the environment to condoms to drugs to plastic bags, and more, voters...
The Latest: Christie going back to NJ to reassess 2016 bid: The Latest developments from the 2016 presidential campaign, with the focus Tuesday on the New Hampshire primary (all times local): … Click to Continue »
Trump, Sanders victorious in New Hampshire primaries: Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders rode a wave of voter frustration with American politics to commanding victories in Tuesday's New Hampshire primaries, adding crucial credibility to their upstart candidacies. … Click to Continue »
AP News Guide: Trump, Sanders prevail in NH: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders powered to victory in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday, avenging their Iowa losses to keep the mad scramble of the 2016 presidential campaign alive with dozens of contests to come. … Click to Continue »
Clinton Concedes New Hampshire Primary to Sanders: Hillary Clinton conceded the New Hampshire primary to Bernie Sanders, appealing to his voters in her address by discussing income inequality and Citizens United.
Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary: Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, beating Hillary Clinton. He slammed Republican policies and "establishment politics" for supporting the interests of large donor groups instead of the common interest of citizens.
Solano state prison is failed by examiners for poor healthcare: State medical examiners have again failed a California prison for poor healthcare despite a decade of federal oversight, giving it lower scores than even two years earlier. The report released Tuesday by the independent office of the inspector general faults California State Prison Solano, in...
Jerry Brown taps insider Scott Kernan as new California prisons chief: Gov. Jerry Brown has tapped an insider with ties to major contractors to take over the helm of the state's sprawling prison system, retired undersecretary Scott Kernan. Brown's announcement was made Monday. Kernan, 55, retired as second-in-charge of the state agency in late 2011, and returned...
New Law Will Protect Low-Wage Earners from Debt Collectors: by Jessica Bartholow The fight for fifteen is no longer just a slogan, or a hashtag. It is now the law in an increasing number of California cities and will soon be a checkbox on our ballots. And, in January, California will have the highest minimum wage in the nation. As the most prosperous stat...
These California Democrats voted for the Republican Syrian Refugee Bill: The House passed the so-called “American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act”, which doesn’t actually protect Americans. Rather, it just makes the process of resettling refugees even more cumbersome than the already lengthy process. Some would say that we [should have learned our lesson 60 years...

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