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Zoning changes a ‘cornerstone’ of housing push + Use of force bill is good to go + Gas taxes climb, again: Top of the Tuesday morning to you, California. Tips, feedback, questions, comments, favorite summer bbq recipes? Send ‘em my way: hwiley@sacbee.com THE HOUSING ‘CORNERSTONE’ Good news for Senate Bill 50 … Click to Continue »
A Pride Flag is flying over California’s Capitol. Gavin Newsom says it’s sending a message: For the first time in state history, the flag of LGBTQ Pride flies above the California Capitol. The Rainbow Flag, which sits below the U.S. and California state flags, will … Click to Continue »
Oakland police protected Kamala Harris’ campaign rally. Now they’d like to get paid for it.: Here’s one thing California Sen. Kamala Harris has in common with President Donald Trump: Both of them owe money for campaign events. The 2020 presidential candidate and former state attorney … Click to Continue »
Legislation would ratchet down on charter schools: California’s charter schools could face tighter restrictions if a pair of bills making their way through the Legislature is approved. Assembly Bill 1505 would give school districts the right to deny charter schools if they believe they would negatively impact neighborhood schools’ finances, acade...
Feds’ proposed rules would erode tribal culture, history: Federally recognized tribes are sovereign governments – many of which have undoubtedly contributed vast, significant cultural contributions to the diverse tapestry of American social, economic and political life. Despite this recognition and contributions to society, tribes like mine unfortunatel...
A political fight over legalizing sex workers: Veronica Loveall, a Sacramento sex worker, isn’t a fan of Kamala Harris. Loveall has been involved in sex work for about 10 years. She participated in what she calls “erotic companionship” when www.Backpage.com – formerly a popular website for sex workers to advertise – was active. She watch...
Newsom’s May Revise thinks big…and little: The Governor’s May revise came out today, and it is big: $213 billion big. And his office is predicting a $21.5b surplus. The updated proposal unveiled Thursday builds on the $209 billion budget the governor laid out in January. It keeps in place spending to expand health coverage for undocu...
Schlapp a Socialist? Conservative Union presents hilarious scorecard: While others debate whether to punch a neo-Nazi, Matt Schlapp and the American Conservative is seemingly questioning whether they can slap a socialist. Today they released their “conservative scorecard.” It’s hilarious. Let’s peek at a few of the bill descriptions: “Socializing Rideshare ...
California Looks to Set Rules for Police Use of Force: The use of deadly force by police officers has a few bright lines. Most would agree that officers can use force when a suspect has a gun in a threatening position. And most would agree that officers shouldn’t shoot where no immediate danger exists. But between those borders exists a vast area in...
Faced with lawsuits and FBI raids targeting her husband, Richelle Huizar drops her campaign for his L.A. City Council seat: Richelle Huizar ended her brief campaign for Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday, following a tumultuous month marked by two lawsuits against her husband and an FBI raid of her home. Huizar, wife of Councilman Jose Huizar, had launched a bid for her husband’s seat two months ago and was imm...
President Trump Says He Would Talk to Mueller Under Oath: President Donald Trump told reporters he would be willing to be interviewed under oath by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the ongoing Russia probe.

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