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Eating Clean, Green and Anthropocene (in Analysis): Scientists say our diets must evolve. Canada could lead the way.  Related StoriesWant to Know More about Dementia? Start Here (in Analysis)
On Photographing Big Holes in the Ground (in Culture): What’s the allure of ‘excavation porn’ in the city? A Tyee exchange.  Related Stories‘I Did Feel Vancouver Was a Sad Town’ (in Culture)
Meet the Economist Advising BC on Whether to Go Ahead with a Basic Income (in News): ‘I’m an agnostic because I can see both sides,’ says UBC’s David Green.  Related Stories One Year In, Green-NDP Still Co-operating and Government Gets Good Marks (in News) BC Hydro To End Incentive for New Home Solar (in News) BC Asks Courts for Authority to Block Pipeline Expansion (in News)
Fossil fuel fanaticism: Fossil fuel promoters had either not read the FCA judgment, or reject it for their own reasons. Many of these people applauded when a court jailed opponents of Trans Mountain expansion but judge the courts wrong when they disagree with a decision.
No business case for Site C: The BC Government has no business case for Site C. Unfortunately, they also don't have the courage to terminate this expensive white elephant.
Drug tragedy worsens: The reported number of BC's overdose deaths in 2015 was 44 per month. That number seemed appalling but now, with the death rate almost three times higher, the situation in BC has deteriorated.
Justice is lost when leaders refuse to stand up for what’s right.: 94 comments,502 Facebook shares and thousands of visitors to the last blog post show that the interest in a public inquiry is there: https://lailayuile.com/2019/01/05/the-enemy-is-corruption-period/ The comments alone hit home with some highly knowledgeable and savvy readers sharing their releven...
The ‘enemy’ IS corruption. Period.: 2019 came in like a lamb in comparison to the way it left, following the great storm of 2018…and recent storms have left most of us sodden if not downright flooded. It’s not the stormy weather that brings me here though, even as I watch the dark day outside get darker. It’s a comment I s...
Free transit motion to be debated by Vancouver city councillors: The headline is taken from a CBC News story and the motion will be debated tomorrow. It also provides a link to the motion as a pdf file. The motion asks Council to support the All on Board  campaign. Apparently there is going to be a “research report containing evidence” – but that is not ready ...
Geography and demographics perpetually conspire against Delta: There is a piece by Justin McElroy of the CBC that discusses transit – or rather the lack of it – south of the Fraser and in particular – in Delta. As usual this is in the context of the Massey Tunnel. And I found myself irritated by McElroy’s journalistic attitude. Which is a shame since I gener...
Review and reform natural resource revenues: This post is part of our BC Budget 2019 series, which highlights key findings from the CCPA’s research and outlines our recommendations for the 2019 provincial budget. Find more from the series at: policynote.ca/budget2019 Natural resource revenues account for $2.7 billion or 5.2 per cent of prov...
TimberWest forestry operations destabilizing Vancouver Island communities: TimberWest is consistently one of the top exporters of raw, unprocessed logs from British Columbia’s coastal forests. The company also has growing ties with Island Timberlands, BC’s other top log exporter. The two companies share roads, log sort yards and other infrastructure to generate profits....
A citizens’ guide to the Nanaimo by-election: This is more than just a by-election. The results could decide B.C.’s future. The stability of B.C.’s government hangs on a by-election in Nanaimo later this month. Tony Harris is the BC Liberal candidate in the riding. He is a self-proclaimed real estate speculator and businessman who got his st...
What does the RCMP raid on Wet’suwet’en territory mean?: Thousands of people across Canada and around the world are watching and sharing updates online as RCMP officers dismantle a pipeline blockade on Wet’suwet’en territory in Northern B.C. Photo by Michael Toledano. Yesterday afternoon, police broke down a wooden gate and arrested several people at...
Cariboo RD Board HIghlights - Jan 18th mtg: Courtesy of the Cariboo Regional District:Board Reviews Regional TopicsThe Cariboo Regional District Board held a special meeting on Jan. 17 with five delegations to bring new and returning Directors up to speed on regional topics of note. The forest industry and impact from wildfires was a main ...
$10,000 awarded to the Friends of Bouchie -Milburn Society for Bouchie Lake Community Plan: Courtesy of the Friends of Bouchie-Milburn Society: NEWS RELEASE - $10,000 from Rural Dividend Fund to support Community Plan in Bouchie Lake_18_01_2019 by Steve Forseth on Scribd
Former BC NDP Premier Ujjal Dosanjh opposes Proportional Representation - supports No BC Pro Rep Society as official opponent group : No BC Pro Rep's Bill Tieleman with former BC NDP Premier Ujjal Dosanjh  No to Proportional Representation in BC NEWS RELEASE              Thursday June 28, 2018  Former BC NDP Premier Ujjal Dosanjh opposes Proportional Representation and warns British Columbians of potential for extrem...
The Proportional Representation Referendum, I have no idea how I will vote: This referendum is making feel like I need to choose between losing a leg or losing an eye.   All the outcomes are bad and will not benefit the people of BC.I have been interested in improving the voting system we have federally, provincially and locally for about 35 years.   At times I was very ...
A rising tide that swamps all boats: VIFF screens "Human Flow," Ai Weiwei's pilgrimage on the long refugee road to nowhereread more
What lessons were learned from Public Eye?: That's the question the Canadian Centre for Investigative Reporting asked me following my decision to suspend Public Eye's daily reporting. In an article published by the centre and J-Source.ca I provide some of the answers, revealing the secrets of its success and why it was difficult t...
BC Liberals seek to cure their summertime blues: A source close to the core BC Liberal 2017 campaign team and another source on the riding level both tell me that internal polling is dismal, with 300 days to go before the May 9, 2017 election. The Metro Vancouver real estate bubble is weighing heavily in polling. There is plenty of time to ri...
SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING: This is an interactive site. The Name of the Game is ENGAGEMENT. Don't be Shy. Tell us what you think. Post your comments.
Battleground Surrey: Political will and reforms needed to fix problems: As Surrey approaches one of the most important elections in last few decades media, commentators and general public are highly concentrated on search for a solution of numerous problems facing city??s transformation from suburban to urban. Top of the list is reserved for issues of crime, tran...
Alex Tsakumis: Clark has offered no leadership in BCTF dispute: [PNG Merlin Archive] In the 1770s, the Queen consort of France was at the height of her popularity. Her beauty and charm were without equal and, being initially greeted with rapture reserved for worthy royalty, the euphoria was boundless. Indeed, Marie Antoinette, at that point, could do no wro...

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