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BCTF's new president young, experienced leader: At just 42, Glen Hansman is the British Columbia Teachers‚?? Federation‚??s youngest president in the last 50 years. But he says he‚??s not intimidated by being young, despite the daunting task of leading B.C.‚??s 41,000 teachers in what has traditionally been an acrimonious relationship with the...
Province may have lost teachers, despite contract deal: The province may have fewer teachers this year than last, despite their contract settlement that promised millions of dollars to hire new teachers, an estimate done by the B.C. Teachers‚?? Federation shows. After a strike that closed schools for several weeks, the two sides reached a deal that pr...
Twitter Q&A: ‚??How did nearly 10,000 teachers not vote?‚?Ě: It was a simple question, but I admit it was also a loaded question. On Thursday, the B.C. Teachers‚?? Federation ratified a deal that put an end to¬†a bitter strike at B.C.‚??s public schools. The BCTF voted 86 per cent in favour of the six-year deal which includes a 7.25 per cent salary increas...
Mike Smyth: Will voters forgive and forget Christy Clark‚??s war with teachers?: When leaders of the B.C. teachers union headed to the Supreme Court of Canada last fall, they had no idea their final victory over Christy Clark‚??s government would be so shockingly swift and decisive. The two sides had been locked in a bitter legal battle since¬†2002, when the Liberal governmen...
Keith MacIntyre: Teachers must replace angry, combative BCTF leaders: Last year, I ran for school trustee in Penticton, falling one position short of winning. Through the process, I met other trustees, the superintendent of schools, teachers, principals, parents, students, the union, MLAs and many citizens in my district. One thing that really stood out is how muc...
Letters: ISIS, Israel, E-cars, drugs, BCTF, Hep C, beggars: Bombing ISIS makes us less safe Before lambasting the federal Liberals and the NDP for not backing a military foray into Iraq, letter-writer Steve Gunson should ask himself if he feel safer as a result? By engaging directly with the situation in Iraq, Canada is now a potential target for retaliat...

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