$3,000 for Bloggers Covering B.C. Municipal Issues

British Columbia municipal elections were held on November 19, 2011. To help inform voters, VoterMedia.org sponsored a blog competition from October 2011 to January 2012. The ballots are still working without funding, and we are seeking sponsors to continue beyond the election period, to inform citizens about their elected leaders, policies and other community issues. For updates, see VoterMedia Democracy Blog > Municipal or Twitter: votermedia.

Below is info about the October 2011 to January 2012 contest. VoterMedia.org donated $3,000 -- $1,000 each for:

Contest judges are the public -- awards are allocated in a daily flow according to votes cast by anyone on the above linked ballots. For North Vancouver and Surrey, their initial funding of $1,000 each was fully allocated to winning blogs by the end of November 2011. The $1,000 for Burnaby was allocated through January 22, 2012.

Continued funding will depend on finding donors/sponsors. Regardless of funding, the ballots will stay open for anyone to vote on blog rankings and for new blogs to enter.

The competition is open to anyone, including professional journalists, independent bloggers and politicians. There is no entry fee or entry deadline. Votes are tallied as described in the Voting FAQ. Detailed rules are below.

We have been running votermedia competitions at UBC's student union for the past 5 years. For more info on how it works, see the videos at votermedia.org (especially "How VoterMedia Affects Election Campaigns") and our publications (especially "Global Voter Media Platform").

To enter your blog in this competition, please copy and paste all the text between the horizontal lines below into an email, fill in all the blanks and send it to Mark Latham (mark[at]votermedia.org). (We're also happy to add blogs and ballot pages for other municipalities, without funded contests.)

Links related to this contest:

Entry Form

Name of Blog:

Blog URL: http://

I am the Editor of this blog. I hereby apply to enter it in the VoterMedia BC Muni Competition as described at votermedia.org/bcmuni, for this city: [type city name here]

There is a prominent link from the above blog to the city's votermedia.org ballot. There is at least one recent post in the blog feed about this city. I agree to the competition rules on this page, and the website terms at votermedia.org/terms. I request that any awards this blog wins in this contest be paid to me as the representative of this blog. I will notify you promptly of any changes of the information I am submitting in this entry, until the contest ends. My contact information is:




Mailing address:

[You can enter the competition for more than one city, but please send a separate email for each city. Your blog URLs and/or post feed URLs (preferably both) must be different across cities. So you could have a separate blog for each city; or the same blog but with posts tagged by city, and tagged blog and feed URLs for each entry (like the Macleans blog at votermedia.org/kwantlen).]

Rules for VoterMedia BC Muni Competition

In addition to the contest description on this page above, and the website terms at votermedia.org/terms, the following also apply:

Contest funding will depend on future donors/sponsors. Contest ballots will remain open with or without funding.

As this is an experimental contest, we (the contest administrators) may change these rules during the contest as we see fit.

We plan to mail award cheques at the end of each month, for the accumulated daily winnings of each contestant.

Most of the content in a contestant blog's posts feed should relate to matters of interest to that city's residents. We reserve the right to drop a blog from a contest if, in our judgment, this condition is not maintained.

Election candidates and elected politicians may enter their campaign blogs or council blogs in this competition. FYI this is for the following reasons:

  • openness and competition;
  • it gathers election-relevant and council-relevant blogs onto one page;
  • candidates and council members are knowledgeable and may offer helpful insights about elections and council;
  • it creates an interesting test of whether voters prefer to fund independent media or political campaigns or give bonuses to council members;
  • some non-politician blogs may be very partisan anyway, or even shills for politicians;
  • contest administrators should not be trying to figure out which blogs are truly "independent" (whatever that means); that distinction is for the voters to make, if they care.