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What’s next? F-35 boondoggle to land on the deck of a Canadian Mistral carrier?: PHOTOS: The F-35, possibly the worst military aircraft ever made, dollar for dollar or pound for pound, photographed to make it look less like a brick. A hovering version of the same plane. A not-quite-finished Mistral-class helicopter carrier. SANTA FE, N.M. I suppose a hotel in the desert, just...
Public health care: We have it, Americans still don’t, they wish they did – there’s a lesson in that: PHOTO: Sorry, no relevant photos tonight. Just this shot of a typical American public servant crossing the rotunda of the New Mexico State Capitol in Santa Fe, deep in thought. She is doubtless wishing the United States had Canada’s system of health care. SANTA FE, N.M. The economy, Harper Fatigu...
Go figure! Major tobacco corporation’s unique Alberta lobbying effort focuses on Wildrose finance critic: PHOTOS: The benefits to young people of a low-tax regime for cigarettes. Real portrayals of the joys of smoking may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Cigarette smuggling – bad for the books for sure; Wildrose Party Finance Critic Derek Fildebrandt, whose 2012 Canadian Taxpayers Federation...
The Yards Edmonton-Centre Federal Election Forum:
Long-term expatriates can’t vote but can run for Parliament in Canada: Canadian citizen and California resident Chris Jones is running in the federal election as an independent candidate in the Edmonton-Strathcona riding to prove a point. “I’m running for Parliament in Edmonton Strathcona as an independent candidate, to point out the absurdity... Continue Reading →
10 Conservative candidates in Alberta endorsed by radical anti-abortion group: Nearly one-third of federal Conservative candidates running in Alberta ridings have been endorsed by the controversial Campaign Life Coalition for their opposition to women's reproductive rights, according to a report from Press Progress.
'This is where my blood boils': Mayor Don Iveson says feds stiffed city on LRT funding
Building Lessons: Education minister, former minister debate Alberta schools shortage: Education Minister David Eggen and interim PC leader Ric McIver answer the Journal's questions about the best way to plan for schools in Alberta.
Building Lessons: New Edmonton schools will hopefully ease overcrowding: Last year, Edmonton Public Schools enacted a dramatic plan to reduce crowding at 11 schools in the district. Attendance boundaries were redrawn and some children had to change schools.
Why I’m Supporting Don Iveson: In tomorrow’s civic election, Don Iveson is my pick for Mayor. First, a disclosure and a couple of comments: Don and his wife Sarah are friends, and I am a part of Don’s campaign team. It’s worth reiterating that this is purely a personal opinion, not an endorsement on behalf of any organization...

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