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Can Wildrose survive Rob Anders? Can floor crossers survive PC Party?: Initially turned away by Wildrose Party officials, controversial Conservative Member of Parliament Rob Anders has asked the Wildrose Party for a ??waiver? to run for the party??s leadership. Having lost bids for federal Conservative nominations in Calgary-Signal Hill and Bow River last... C...
Wednesday night candidate nomination update in Alberta: I have made the following updates to the list of nominees and nomination candidates planning to run in Alberta??s next provincial election. Please email david.cournoyer [at] gmail.com if you have additions to the list. Thank you. Bonnyville-Cold Lake: City of Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland....
Who will stop the Jim Prentice juggernaut?: The past few months have been a sobering reminder that it foolish to underestimate the staying power of Alberta??s 43-year long governing Progressive Conservatives. A year ago the scandal ridden PC Government appeared to be on the verge of collapse. And now,... Continue Reading ??
You Can Lead Your Audience to eLearning, but Can You Force Them to Learn?: You have spent months creating and compiling the content for your eLearning. The material is essential to safety, or your organization??s functioning, or your bottom line, or all three. You want to ensure that your learners hear every word of the course. Requiring learners to spend a set amount ...
eLearning and HTML5: ??Why doesn??t my eLearning content run on an iPad? Websites are doing it so why not eLearning?? It??s a question we often hear from our clients when discussing a new or existing project. The good news is that we are now able to produce eLearning that will work on both desktops and mobile de...
Value and Impact of Digital Badges: Top 5 Benefits: 1. Accessibility Digital Badges are highly accessible; anyone with access to the internet or a mobile device can earn and receive their credentials digitally. 2. Secure and Authentic Digital Badges created through Yardstick??s T2 platform utilize the best digital credentialing architecture in ...
Danielle Smith to former Wildrose supporters: I didn??t leave you, you left me!: Danielle Smith to Wildrose Party members: I didn??t leave you! It was you that left me! Ever since the former Opposition leader shocked Alberta and significant parts of the rest of the country on Dec. 17 by leading a parade of Wildrose Party MLAs over to the Progressive Conservative benches, we...
How the mighty have fallen: former finance minister Doug Horner pulls the plug on provincial politics: Doug Horner, who was clearly the best qualified of the three frontrunners in the 2011 race for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, pulled the plug on provincial politics yesterday. Read more on AlbertaPolitics.ca.
What??s the hurry? Jim Prentice push for early vote feels manipulative, bad for Alberta: Does anybody seriously think Alberta needs another election right now? Yeah, I know, Premier Jim Prentice and his Progressive Conservative legislative caucus want one. But do we need one, right at this particular moment? Read more at AlbertaPolitics.ca.
Lamphier: Leduc dad in smartphone scuffle: Like yesterday’s laptops, smartphones have become today’s must-have toys. They’re so ubiquitous it’s hard to imagine how we once lived our lives without them. For teens in particular, a smartphone is more than a communications tool. It’s the ticket to social acceptance, offering 24/7 access to fr...
‘It felt like when you’re on a roller-coaster’: Fox Creek residents shaken by earthquake that could be linked to fracking: Lee-Anna Jack was in her bedroom watching TV with her husband just before midnight on Jan. 22 when the door slammed open and the bed moved. “All of a sudden our bedroom door opened up. It was kind of freaky. The door slammed and the bed moved — it felt like when you’re on a roller-coaster and how...
Uber announces rides will be free as fight with council escalates: They say there’s no such thing as a free ride, but Uber is making an exception — at least for now. An email sent to Uber users on Friday evening said rides in Edmonton will be offered free as a way for the company to “demonstrate (its) commitment” to ridesharing in the city.
Why I??m Supporting Don Iveson: In tomorrow??s civic election, Don Iveson is my pick for Mayor. First, a disclosure and a couple of comments: Don and his wife Sarah are friends, and I am a part of Don??s campaign team. It??s worth reiterating that this is purely a personal opinion, not an endorsement on behalf of any organi...

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